WATCH: Left-Wing Radicals Storm Oklahoma Capitol, Riot Against Bill Banning Child Mutilation


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Monday, a mob of left-wingers stormed the Oklahoma state capitol in what many Twitter users are calling the worst insurrection in the state’s history.

The mob descended on the capitol in response to the Millstone Act, which would “prohibit Oklahoma doctors from providing gender transition procedures or referral services relating to such procedures to anyone under the age of 26.”

“The bill would further authorize the state’s attorney general to enforce the act and those found guilty of violating it would be guilty of a felony and subject to license revocation,” says a release from state senator David Bullard, who sponsored the bill.

“Child abuse is a felony in our state and mutilating a young person’s genitalia should be viewed no differently. The Millstone Act will hold those who perform child mutilation accountable by making [an] activity a felony. Those guilty of such a heinous crime will be both legally and financially liable,” Bullard said.

During his State of the State address, Governor Kevin Stitt said, “Send me a bill that bans all gender transition surgeries and hormone therapies on minors in the state of Oklahoma,” to a standing ovation.

Stitt previously signed bills that ban biological males from competing in women’s sports, and require sex-segregated bathrooms in school to remain sex-segregated, regardless of a student’s stated gender identity.

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