WATCH: Liberal BOOTED from Flight for Harassing Trump Supporter


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Especially since the start of COVID, videos from airplanes have gone viral time and time again. Often, these clips involve liberal meltdowns due to others not masking. A number of times, including in this video, we have also seen Americans kicked from flights just for wearing anti-Biden clothing.

However, this time, a liberal from Portland of all places was booted from her flight after assaulting and verbally abusing a young man wearing a pro-Trump shirt.

The clip, shared by LionHearted on Twitter, has received a whopping 2.8 MILLION views and counting.


One Response

  1. Abusive loud mouth liberal got just exactly what she deserved, hopefully next time she gets on a plane she will keep her mouth shut….. but somehow from her attitude I doubt it.

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