WATCH: Delta Kicks Man Off Flight for Wearing Anti-Biden Clothing


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A new clip posted to Twitter by popular account @LibsOfTikTok documents a man being booted from a Delta Airlines flight for wearing a “Fuck Biden” sweatshirt. After first complying with the power-hungry flight attendant’s request to remove his sweatshirt, the man was still kicked from the flight.


“Libs of TikTok” posted another tweet, thickening the plot. The account owner went on Delta support and asked whether the airline actually has a clothing policy.

The answer? No. He also asked if he would be able to wear “Fuck Trump” clothing on Delta flights. The answer? Yes.

See the screenshot of his conversation here:

One Response

  1. The shirt, although I don’t approve of the words, is the very way most ” AMERICANS” feel. The stewardess should be fired and delta should pay the man back the cost of his fair along with paying for another flight on an airline which supports AMERICA and our right to freedom. Shirt should also say ” F— Delta”.

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