WATCH: Mom BLOWS UP on School Board for Teaching TODDLERS Sex Ed and CRT


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Around the country, parents are alarmed about what schools are teaching their children behind closed doors. Two causes for concern are sex education and Critical Race Theory.

Both of these so-called forms of ‘education’ should obviously be out of bounds for our nation’s youngest school kids. But unfortunately, liberal society continues to push abusive practices in schools.

But THIS mother has had enough. Watch her DEMOLISH the school board below:

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  1. School’s and school boards have zero rights teaching sexual acts and hate and discrimination through critical race theory that teaches people to hate white people. Critical Race Theory is teaching racism and hate. So these schools are using racism to teach racism, hate and division in our young people. The left want hate and division in our country so they can destroy it that much faster. Parents Home School your children and protect them from these evil and vial people.

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