WATCH the WORST Clips from G7: World Leaders ERUPT in Laughter As ‘Forgetful’ Biden Strikes Again


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At the annual G7 summit, held in Cornwall in 2021, global leaders from around the world are meeting to discuss economic issues. The leaders of the group of seven countries laughed at United States President Joe Biden when he totally forgot that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa had already been introduced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

At this year’s summit, Mr. Johnson has carried the mantle in many ways, serving in a much more forward role. During the Trump Presidency, Donald Trump commanded the room famously at the G7 summit.

WATCH the exchange between Boris and Biden here:

In another terribly embarrassing clip for the U.S., President Biden gives an odd whispered response to a reporter’s question:

Here, Biden completely forgets what he was attempting to say, which was likely private equity financial institutions — but you never know with Joe:

Trump JUST Released a Statement Demanding THIS from China

Our publication will be sure to update you on more concerning Biden gaffes as they come out — unlike the mainstream media, who continue to cover for Joe at every turn.

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