WATCH: Nancy Pelosi’s WORST Lie YET


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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During a media conference Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her husband Paul Pelosi never traded stocks based on tips from her.

When asked by a Fox News digital reporter whether or not Pelosi’s position in Congress gave her husband insider stock advice, Pelosi laughed before denying and exiting the podium.


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In recent weeks, Paul Pelosi scored a big win in the stock market that spurred a bipartisan investigation. The Hill reports:

For his latest purchase in June, Paul Pelosi bought up to $5 million in stock options (equal to 20,000 shares) of Nvidia, a leading semiconductor company. The purchase, first reported by The Daily Caller, comes as Congress is set to vote on legislation later this month that would result in $52 billion in subsidies allocated to elevate the chip-production industry as it faces increased competition from China. 

So how does the House speaker explain such a huge buy by her husband so perfectly timed ahead of this vote? 

“These transactions are marked ‘SP’ for Spouse. The Speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions,” her spokesperson explained recently

3 Responses

  1. My wife knows everything I plan on doing and we talk about everything before a decision is made. This witch should be hung by the neck until dead like would have been done in the past!

  2. Of course she told her husband. She must believe the American people are stupid. No doubt she and Paul discussed this prior to his purchase. And it brings to question, how many other stock transactions has Paul Pelosi made over the yyears?

    Same thing happened with Diane Feinstein a year or so ago. Never did hear what happened on that deal. She did tell congress that her husband made the stock trade and she knew nothing about what he does. And if anyone believes tha then they are dumb!

    Unless of course politicians don’t talk to their spouses.

    1. she not only think real americans are stupid but dont give a damn as how did the democrats get this far in their take down of this republic…..reason: they know that most americans dont give a damn either as they will their representatives and senators do nothing for years and years about the democrat corruption that has been going on for decades even back to slick willie being president….so she every thought that americans will do nothing and do nothing and … nothing!!!!!

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