Young Boy Stomped and Beaten By Older Kids in Lawless Public School


young white boy wearing dark shirt is thrown into concrete wall and stomped by larger black student wearing grey shirt in public school bathroom
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NOTE: This story contains graphic violent content. 

A video surfaced earlier in the week of a young white student being slammed into a concrete wall and stomped by a larger black student in a school bathroom. 

This is an extremely shocking and violent event for a public school, and it would be traditionally deemed worthy of news coverage. But this video cannot be found in any media source. Preliminary research can dredge similar stories, but none matching the exact details of this video. 

The available fifteen-second clip shows what appears to be a public school bathroom with at least six students standing around. One of the boys in the background is wearing a mask, but none of the rest are, leaving us to speculate it happened sometime post 2020, but likely very recently due to relaxing restrictions around masking in schools.

In the video, a larger black student wearing a gray shirt and black pants grabs the smaller white student and throws him headfirst into the cement wall. Immediately after being slammed, the victim crumples and holds his neck in pain. The assailant stands over the child and continues to punch and kick the smaller boy, standing over him and calling him a “p*ssy.”

As the smaller white student tries to stand up, the black student kicks him in the face. The young boy is left whimpering in the corner as the video ends.

Senate Candidate Blake Masters asked rhetorically whether Biden’s DOJ would look into bringing hate crime charges. 

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich said that society is supposed to pretend like this type of violence does not occur, and instead, we are to focus on other made-up hoaxes like the BYU “n-word” hoax (now debunked even by CNN).

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh noted a specific type of behavior when it comes to these types of videos. 

During the research process, some online sleuths dug up stories with similar story arcs, but did not match 100% the description OR had a separate corresponding video. 

The races of both boys is important to the story to help explain the lack of reporting. Many have pointed out that if the races were reversed (a group of white kids brutally attacking a defenseless black kid), this video would have presumably led to headlines for months as a “social justice concern.”

Rogue Review will continue to investigate on the identity of the students, the name of the school, any coverage in local media, and whether the attacker was brought to justice.

So far, not much is known. A report from Tucker Carlson identified the school as West Brook High in Beaumont, Texas, but this suggestion has been denied by school officials.

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3 Responses

  1. Parents, be they white, black or other, love their children. I am WHITE and proud of my race. I do not hate others of another race. I do hate those who stand around and do nothing while hate crimes are committed in front of them and against weaker people. We, as a nation, are ready to react to these, far to, “frequent acts of violence”. There over 400 million handguns, plus God only knows how many assault weapons , in this country and most households have one or two. When we start having “frequent acts of violence” against those who have been beating and KILLING innocent people, who will we be to blame??? Will our politicians try to, AGAIN , blame those who have been long dead for these acts or actually step up and take the blame for their misguided policies of 20-21. Whatever the future holds for America, I, for one, know who is to blame and so does every other American. However there are those who are so filled with hate, greed or just evil that they will never be able to stop commiting these acts of violence. It will sadly be the responsibility of parents to stop them. This will most likely destroy our country. I am an old Vietnam combat veteran. It has been 50 years since I took up arms for our country and I still wake up at night because of nightmares about the horrible things I did 50 years ago. If we do not stop our current behavior, America will have 350 million people just like me. Think about this when you vote next time.

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