19-year Old Pennsylvania Woman Cited For “Going for a Drive”


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A 19-year old Pennsylvania woman from York County has become the first person to be cited for violating Governor Tom Wolf’s stay-at-home orders. The woman, Anita Shaffer received a non-traffic violation for leaving her home to “go for a drive” and now faces a $225 fine.

As more and more states and cities pass stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, it’s not common to see news stories similar to this one. Stories such as Florida pastor, Rodney Howard Browne getting arrested for still holding church service and violating state orders or for people receiving fines for leaving their homes. In fact, it’s actually happening more frequently.

These orders are an ongoing effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and help to flatten the curve, and prevent our health system from being overcrowded. Social distancing efforts have continued to be enforced and encouraged as well.

The majority of the United States — and the world — has shut down over this virus. The Olympics have been postponed until the summer of 2021. Sporting events? Canceled. Movie theaters and bowling alleys? Closed and deemed non-essential. Restaurants and bars? Many states have ordered them to limit their operation to carry-out or delivery only. Schools have either closed for the school year or are finishing online via zoom. 

Many states have either a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order in effect. Usually those orders allow for exceptions such as leaving the home to get food, visit the doctor, or to participate in an outdoor activity as long as you are practicing careful social distancing.

Americans have been pretty understanding, especially considering that during this pandemic a lot of our usual civil liberties and rights have been limited.

At what point though will Americans stand up and say enough? Is our government starting to teeter on the line of infringing on our civil liberties? Or are they doing what needs to be done during this time? 

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