Pro-Life Activist Given Bag of Vomit By Abortion Clinic Security Guard


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While he was distributing pro-life pamphlets to women walking into the Trust Women abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, Mark Gietzen was given a bag of vomit. 

Operation Rescue reported on the story, and according to Gietzen, he had been standing outside the facility when he noticed a woman drive up who looked ill. Approaching her, Gietzen handed her a pamphlet before she entered the clinic. After a while, the building’s security guard, Carl Swinney, came out carrying a plastic bag, handing it to Gietzen and telling him it was from the woman Gietzen saw earlier. 

The pro-life pamphlet was inside, along with used tissues and vomit. Even though the coronavirus is continuing to be a threat, Swinney was not wearing protective gear. This security guard also has a history of assault, and a battery conviction following an attack on pro-life activist Jennifer McCoy resulted in a restraining order against him. 

Gietzen filed a police report, but not long after this incident, he was forced to do so again. As he stood outside the facility, Gietzen reported being attacked by two men with Oklahoma license plates who sprayed him with a liquid and attempted to take his phone. The police were able to apprehend the man who had stolen Gietzen hat. But the assault was not recorded due to the clinic’s security camera being turned away from the gate.

The weekend of these attacks against Gietzen, the abortionist on duty at the Trust Women center was Cheryl Chastine. Her Kansas medical license expired in 2016 and has not been renewed.

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