6 Graphs Showing STAGGERING Bias in Big Tech’s Political Donations


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Big Tech’s decision-makers have shown a clear and consistent leftist bias over the past few years, most particularly in the realm of censorship.  But according to contribution information from Open Secrets, five major tech companies (Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, and TikTok’s parent company ByteDance) show a strong bias in favor of Democrats even from employees.  This leftism may be as much of an institutional problem as a leadership problem, more so than conservatives realize.

I have previously reported on my Substack how Open Secrets records show that Amazon and Apple employees’ donations were Democrat versus Republican by a MASSIVE margin in 2020, the presidential election year (with Apple’s employees even more partisan than Amazon’s). Not only that, Joe Biden was the top recipient of contributions from both companies’ employees in the 2020 cycle.  Below is the main graph for Apple donations:

Apple Contributions graph, courtesy of Open Secrets

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Here is the same graph, but for Amazon:


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The top contributions recipient from Twitter employees for the 2020 election cycle is also Joe Biden, with the others in the top five all Democrats (socialist Bernie Sanders is sixth).  The Twitter Contributions chart from Open Secrets:

Chart, bar chart

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Interestingly, per this graph, Twitter employees making contributions seem to have become significantly more leftist since 2016, when Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Unfortunately, the data for LinkedIn (which is owned by Microsoft, the insidious Bill Gates’s corporation) is not as current as for the other tech companies, but all of LinkedIn’s top ten contributions recipients in the 2016 cycle were Democrats (including Hillary Clinton as number 4) and this graph is pretty illuminating:

Chart, waterfall chart

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And finally, there’s Chinese company ByteDance, which is the parent company of popular social media app TikTok.  ByteDance is partially owned and controlled by the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party, leading the Trump administration to consider TikTok a potential national security risk.  What is interesting is that, according to Open Secrets’ data, ByteDance employees overwhelmingly donate to Democrats if they donate at all.  Does that not give a hint as to how much Americans should trust the Democrats when it comes to the CCP threat?

Before looking at a few graphs, I should clarify that the number of employees from ByteDance who donated to political candidates does seem to be comparatively small.  But the fact that the employees who do give, give almost entirely Democrat, indicates something about the company culture of ByteDance, I think (of course, the company is under the thumb of the CCP in any case).

The top ten contribution recipients for the 2020 cycle from ByteDance employees were all Democrats except for socialist Bernie Sanders, and the list also includes Joe Biden (the top recipient) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Here’s the main graph:

Chart, bar chart

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Here’s more telling data:

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So do these donations represent a minority, a mere subset of employees at these five tech companies?  Or do they point us to an institutional problem, tech companies whose employees are nearly as leftist as their executives?  In any case, Americans should be worried that their technological abilities and privileges depend on the whims of companies that are so clearly committed to supporting the Democrat Party, the party of tyranny, cancel culture, and censorship.

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