WATCH: Pelosi Confuses Hungary With Ukraine, Lashes Out at Putin


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Amidst the Russian threat of invasion at Ukraine’s border, American leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been remarkably embarrassing, showing an ineptitude once unthinkable for our country.

Now, ancient House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting in on the fun, highlighting her lack of a basic understanding of Eastern European geography.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday lashed out at Vladimir Putin during her weekly news conference.

“It’s stunning to see in this day and age a tyrant roll into a country. This is the same tyrant who attacked our democracy in 2016,” Pelosi said of Putin.

Then this happened…

Pelosi, who is turning 82 next month, confused Hungary and Ukraine.

“If you look at the map and you see Hungary and you see how it is encircled…Russia, Belarus, Crimea,” Pelosi said.

The drunk and senile are in charge of things in this country.


Close enough, Madame Speaker.

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