9/11 Terrorist RELEASED from GITMO by Biden Regime


According to newly-released documents from the Department of Defense, the United States is releasing Mohammad Mani Ahmad al-Qahtani from Guantanamo Bay. Al-Qahtani, repatriated to Saudi Arabia this week, is known as the “20th Hijacker” of 9/11 for the role he played in the terror attacks.

He had been held in Guantanamo since 2022 as a result of his part in the worst terrorist event in U.S. history. Al-Qahtani was slated to be the fifth hijacker on United flight 93 before travel problems kept him off the plane.

The would-be 9/11 terrorist is reportedly being sent to a mental health facility in Saudi Arabia. His lawyers claim that he has suffered from schizophrenia from a young age, and attempted suicide in GITMO multiple times. But make no mistake, says the Gateway Pundit; al-Qahtani is no victim:

“… al-Qahtani was a devoted member of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization that orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, and, if he had not been prevented from entering the US by a thorough customs agent, would have taken his seat alongside four other hijackers on United Airlines flight 93 – the plane that was taken down in Pennsylvania after passengers and crew members attempted to regain control from the terrorists.

After being turned away by US customs, al-Qahtani was eventually captured in Afghanistan as he fought for Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the battle of Tora Bora in December 2001.”

There are now just 38 prisoners residing in GITMO after the Biden regime has allowed al-Qahtani to return back to the Middle East following serving a short sentence for his role in 9/11.

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  1. Everyday he awakens he makes a terrible decision or more.His wife would have to make a better Pres.(such a low bar)

  2. Biden catering to AOC and the squad and the comment by Ilhan Omar who didn’t consider 9/11 as a terrorist attack on the USA by terrorists and instead saw it as “Some people did something.”


    1. I cannot believe this. Captured at Tora Bora. Found to be one of the potential murderers on Flight 93, who couldn’t get on the plane. Al-Queda loyalist. And Biden let’s him go.
      I don’t know if Biden’s sucking Saudi butt for oil or not. But this proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that he is UNFIT TO BE OUR PRESIDENT – BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY!!! But what’s the alternative? Harris? Pelosi??
      I truly feel Biden HAS FORGOTTEN (not surprising). And he’s slapped the victim’s, survivors, first responders, and the witnesses of the September 11 attacks right in the face. This administration. What a bunch of losers with an old, senile sob as captain of the team.

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