Virginia GOP Releases Statement Endorsing Democrat Chair’s Re-Election


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In the 2019 election, Virginia Democrats wiped the floor with the Commonwealth GOP, taking back both chambers of the state legislature. Ralph Northam, who was not on the ballot in 2019, was also Governor in Richmond. 2019 signaled a sharp change for the state’s political landscape following 8 years of near-total Republican control in the legislature.

But in 2021, Virginia voters snapped back to the right as Republicans took back the House of Delegates with a four-seat majority, tied the Senate, and of course, ushered in Governor Glenn Youngkin.

After the stunning losses in 2021, some expected the Virginia Democratic Party to change course, especially at the top of its ranks. However, party Chairwoman Susan Swecker, who oversaw the left’s embarrassing 2021 showing, has announced that she is in fact running for re-election.

This has led the Republican Party of Virginia to endorse Swecker in a hilarious new press release:

While recency bias makes the Virginia GOP’s 2021 success seem surprising, history tells a different story. Republicans controlled the House of Delegates for nearly 20 years starting in 2000, and the party seems confident that left-wing domination from 2019 to 2021 was just a minor hiccup.

After releasing this comedic statement endorsing Swecker, they better be.

4 Responses

  1. “After releasing this comedic statement endorsing Swecker, they better be.”
    Accurate statement. However, while there were successes in 2021 Republicans are a very long way from righting the ship. Keep up the fire.

  2. I was prepared to blast the GOP for endorsing a demorat, but I’m hilariously surprised to read the real reasoning for this fake endorsement. Here’s to more failures for Susan Swecker and radical dems in all elections. Couldn’t happen to “nicer” “xim’s”, “zer’s” or whatchamacallit’s (insert your favorite pronoun here). How can anyone support a party who can’t decide what to call men and women?

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