Klaus Schwab and the EU’s Horrifying Plan to “DIGITIZE” Brains of the Masses With Microchips (VIDEO & DETAILS)

First published in Free West Media The EU will unveil proposals early next month for new laws to boost its home-grown chip production, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen announced in an online speech to the virtual edition of the World Economic Forum. The law is actually a cover for a clique of corrupt globalists […]

WEF’s Davos 2023: Brought To You By 47 Companies Linked To Chinese Communist Party (DETAILS)

Exclusive: The World Economic Forum, which plans a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and enjoy it, is officially partnered with at least 47 Chinese companies. Five of those are officially owned by the CCP, and at least three others are directly tied to the CCP. Since all companies in China are directly […]

5 Years Ago: Donald Trump REJECTS Globalist Agenda In Scathing Address At WEF (WATCH)

Today, the World Economic Forum opened its annual meeting for 2023, with Chairman Klaus Schwab leading off with a call to “master the future:” But just five years ago, the event looked a lot different. In 2018, then-President Donald Trump delivered a scathing address to the meeting after an introduction from Schwab. More articles related […]

WEF Pushes Microchipping Kids, Praises US Inflation Reduction Act for ‘Climate’ Action

Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette “The limits on implants are going to be set by ethical arguments rather than scientific capacity. For example, should you implant a tracking chip in your child? There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety.” — World Economic Forum article The insidious World Economic Forum (WEF) of the “Great […]

Biden: “There’s a New World Order Coming”

In a speech at the Business Roundtable’s CEO quarterly meeting, President Joe Biden took some time to discuss the current situation in Ukraine. Among many other bumbling sentences, Biden noted that he believes a cyber attack from Russia is imminent, also saying that there is a “New World Order” on the way. The World Economic […]

Here Are the 13 MOST Corrupt Figures Gathering at the WEF’s Davos 2022 – And All of Their WORST Deeds

13 MOST Corrupt Figures Gathering at the WEF’s Davos 2022

COLUMN – Washington’s Bayonette Out of all the highly influential organizations in the world, the World Economic Forum (WEF) never seems to get as much media attention as one would expect.  WEF’s Klaus Schwab is chief architect of The Great Reset, which seems to be the plan many world leaders are eager to follow for […]

LOL: Biden Supporter Arrested Outside Arizona Trump Rally (FULL CLIP)

Since the 2016 Election, Trump Derangement Syndrome has gripped the minds of thousands of liberals, bringing them into an irrational and perpetual state of insanity. Even now in 2022, radical liberals are still dealing with TDS, and at a Trump rally in Arizona this weekend, a lone Biden supporter took to thievery to let out […]

Eat Bugs and Don’t Wash Your Clothes: Here Are the MOST Insane “Climate Change” Plans Coming to a City Near You

If you don’t want to eat bugs, you’re racist.  If you do laundry every day you’re sexist.  And climate change is a bigger threat to America than China, Iran, or Russia.  The last few years—especially the last few months—have seen some truly puerile inanity from the climate change crazies.  In this article, I would like […]

Cardinal Attacks Bill Gates and George Soros in Fiery Speech

Published in Free West Media In a statement to the Catholic St. Boniface Institute, Cardinal Gerhard Müller (73) attacked Bill Gates and George Soros. He said they were “people who sit on the throne of their wealth” and therefore view the current need to fight Corona as “a chance now to implement their agenda.” Regional German […]

Planned Parenthood of Heartland to Receive $2 Million Grant for its Failing Sex Ed Program

As part of a sex education grant, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), announced that Planned Parenthood of the Heartland will receive $2,053,383. The endeavor is called “Optimally Changing the Map for Teen Pregnancy through Replication of Programs.” Its aim is to reduce teen […]