WEF’s Davos 2023: Brought To You By 47 Companies Linked To Chinese Communist Party (DETAILS)


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Exclusive: The World Economic Forum, which plans a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and enjoy it, is officially partnered with at least 47 Chinese companies.

Five of those are officially owned by the CCP, and at least three others are directly tied to the CCP. Since all companies in China are directly answerable to the genocidal, authoritarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP), however, that means that WEF is partnered with the CCP even as it runs its tyrannical, murderous regime. I guess that’s why Chinese state propaganda was so excited to make more “friends” at WEF’s Davos 2023 conference (Jan. 16-20) and uphold the “dazzling” “Davos Spirit.”  WEF head Klaus Schwab also said on Chinese state media that, “China is a model for many nations.”

The CCP is the greatest mass murderer in history. On Steve Bannon’s War Room on July 2, Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is responsible for up to 500 million deaths, including the 400 million Chinese killed by infanticide or abortion during China’s one-child policy. It also runs a terrible censorship regime, keeps its people in poverty, runs internment and forced labor camps, committed a Tiananmen 2.0 massacre against the recent anti-regime protestors, and is still committing ethnic-based genocide.

In China, all companies are directly answerable to the Chinese government and the major ones have government employees planted in their buildings.  Furthermore, as I reported for Media Research Center, “China practices ‘civil-military fusion,’ where everything in the economic and tech spheres is accessible to the Chinese military.”

That means any company in China, whether it is officially state-owned or not, is required to give any information to the CCP—and the CCP military—at any time. And according to Committee on the Present Danger: China chairman Brian Kennedy, the CCP told its people it was entering a war phase with the US back in 2019. That would tally with the constant threats the CCP issues to the US. There’s also the CCP’s years-long bioweapons program, combining scientific research (including in Wuhan) with military efforts. Covid-19, anyone?

The main point is that when WEF partners with Chinese companies, particularly with state-owned companies, it is knowingly partnering with branches or satellites of the worst genocidal, tyrannical regime in world history.

WEF’s Chinese partners include China Huaneng Group (which is explicitly listed as “state-owned”), Bank of China (“wholly state-owned”)China Merchants Group (CMG—also state-owned)Guangzhou Automobile Group (“state-owned”)State Grid Corporation of China (“a pilot state holding company”)Tencent Holdings (has many and deep ties to the CCP), TikTok (owned by ByteDance, in which the CCP has a board seat and financial stake), and Hong Kong Airport Authority (under the authority of the Hong Kong Government, which is totally controlled by the CCP). 

WEF also partners with Huawei TechnologiesTianjin Jinbin Development Co.China Bohai BankChina Construction BankChina Energy InvestmentChengdu Xingcheng Investment Group (CXIG), China UnionPayChi Forest (Beijing) Food Technology GroupChindata GroupFoxconn Industrial InternetFoherb(Tianjin)Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdAlibaba GroupAgricultural Bank of ChinaAMTD GroupBank of QingdaoChina Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), Daojia GroupFar East Holding GroupFoxconn Industrial Internet (Fii), Guangzhishu TechnologyHong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), HengchangHong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Jabil Circuit GuangzhouMidea GroupMTRPAGSany Heavy IndustrySENSOROShuKun TechnologySincerity International GroupSino GroupStryker (Beijing) Healthcare ProductsTrip.com GroupXiaomiYiduCloud TechnologyYuexiu Enterprises, and Zhongguancun Development Group (ZDG).

As YouTubers and China experts Matt Tye and Winston Sterzel noted recently on The China Show, “If you are investing in China, [you’re] propping up the CCP. So the nonsense that they’re doing not only to their own people but the entire world, you’re responsible for helping them do it.”

The moral thing to do is to cut those ties. Why would WEF want to be partnered with the CCP?

Why, indeed? What benefit is WEF getting from the mass-murdering CCP that makes it so committed to its 47 CCP-controlled partners?

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