Cardinal Attacks Bill Gates and George Soros in Fiery Speech


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Published in Free West Media

In a statement to the Catholic St. Boniface Institute, Cardinal Gerhard Müller (73) attacked Bill Gates and George Soros. He said they were “people who sit on the throne of their wealth” and therefore view the current need to fight Corona as “a chance now to implement their agenda.”

Regional German daily, the Rheinische Post fiercely responded to Müller and accused him of spreading “conspiracy theories”. Other outlets chimed in to denounce the cardinal.

Times of crisis are ideal for anti-democratic activities, warned the former bishop of Regensburg, who is now a high church judge in Rome. Some activities of the globalists are “born out of the will to use the opportunity to bring people into line, to subject them to total control, to establish a surveillance state,” explained Müller in a short statement on video, apparently causing great excitement in the mainstream media.

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This agenda is based on a “trickery” said the cardinal. These people are of the opinion that with the help of communication it is possible to “bring about a new creation, a new person.”

“I don’t really want to be created and redeemed in the image and likeness of Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or Soros and all these people who jet off to Glasgow with private jets and then impose big austerity measures and restrictions on the masses […]. From a political point of view, that has nothing to do with a democracy.”

For the statements, Müller was accused of serving anti-Semitic conspiracy narratives. He then defended himself via the DPA and rejected the logic that “if someone criticizes the financial elite, he is automatically on the wrong side”.

Cardinal Müller has been fighting for years against plans to “create a world government that is beyond control”. But the mere mention of such plans is seen by “experts” in the established political and media business as evidence of the proximity to National Socialism.

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After these statements one can only wish the cardinal stable nerves and a long life.

The Vatican high judge confirmed the authenticity of the interview to the German Press Agency by email, but wrote that he rejected the logic by which “if someone criticizes the financial elite, he is automatically on the wrong side”. He spoke again of “illegitimate influence by the super-rich elites in various countries”.

The political scientist and “expert” Jan Rathje told the DPA that Müller’s assertions were also “anti-Semitic”. “The statements can largely be assessed in terms of conspiracy ideology.” And because Müller mentioned the Jewish businessman George Soros in his speech, “it can be seen as an anti-Semitic dog whistle,” added Rathje.

The German cardinal had already signed an archbishop’s manifesto against the Corona restrictions in early 2020.

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In February 2019, Müller issued a “Manifesto of Faith” to conservative Catholic media outlets. It was viewed as an attack on Pope Francis, who removed Mueller from his role in a senior Vatican post. For the most part the manifesto represents a re-stating of the church teachings, such as celibacy for priests and the church’s lack of authority to ordain women to the priesthood.

The German Bishops’ Conference has also distanced itself from statements made by Müller. German functionaries of the Catholic Church are artificially kept alive by a German church tax.

Spokesman of the Bishops’ Conference, Matthias Kopp noted on Twitter, on December 13, that he was “very surprised” about “these theories” adding that “Cardinal Müller is speaking here – I assume – as a private person.”

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  1. Thank God for Cardinal Muller, Archbishop VIGANO, President Donald Trump and all the other patriots and TRUTHERS around the globe whose EYES ARE OPEN as to what the agenda really is…. One World Government, socialism and pure dominance and control of humanity and wanting to change our God given bodies into AI robots that they control for evil purposes. Our Heavenly Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ has heard the cries of His children… be patient and wait upon the Lord…. Fight back against this tyranny… all in Hus time frame. May God be Blessed.

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