Here Are the 13 MOST Corrupt Figures Gathering at the WEF’s Davos 2022 – And All of Their WORST Deeds


13 MOST Corrupt Figures Gathering at the WEF’s Davos 2022
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COLUMN – Washington’s Bayonette

Out of all the highly influential organizations in the world, the World Economic Forum (WEF) never seems to get as much media attention as one would expect.  WEF’s Klaus Schwab is chief architect of The Great Reset, which seems to be the plan many world leaders are eager to follow for the future, and WEF is partnered with powers from Google to the Gates Foundation to Pfizer to Chinese state-owned social media company ByteDance to Tyson Foods to Meta (Facebook). Name the country or the industry—WEF probably has its tentacles there.  Every year, WEF hosts the Davos Agenda conference, which gives a hint at where the Marxist globalists intend to go within the next year.

For instance, at Davos 2021 there was fearmongering about “disinformation” as part of an alleged “Cyber Pandemic,” and this past year tech regulation often aimed at fighting so-called “disinformation” became a global effort. Coincidence?  Well, perhaps.  But even Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen is a leftist activist with all kinds of questionable ties.  It is as well to pay attention to Davos 2022, however, all speculation aside, especially as many of the speakers or featured world leaders attending the virtual January conference wield immense power over millions or even billions of people’s lives.  In this article, I am particularly focusing on the corruption and suspicious ties of a dozen or so of these leaders, to emphasize how terrifying it is that they are making world-changing decisions every day.  To know one’s enemy is the first step in conquering him, and too many of the Davos 2022 crew hide their crimes with the willing help of worldwide media.  That has to change.

Xi Jinping, President of Communist China

Xi Jinping is overseeing a tyrannical regime committing ethnic genocide against Uyghurs and others (and running internment camps for those same ethnic minorities), performing live organ harvests, aggressively persecuting religious minorities (including Catholics), and threatening destructive war against sovereign nations (including Taiwan and Australia).  Of course, one could go on and on about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—but you get the picture.  Xi is a ruthless, murderous tyrant.  He should never have been invited to Davos 2022, let alone been asked to open the conference—Xi’s presence makes a mockery of the conference’s supposed dedication to human rights.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO has been playing political games since the start of the COVID-19 plandemic, from refusing to acknowledge that Covid-19 was potentially dangerous and that the CCP’s numbers were questionable back in early 2020, to its farcical investigation into the origins of Covid-19 that concluded the Wuhan lab leak theory (now admitted even by leftists to be credible) was off the table.  Dr. Ghebreyesus himself has put his foot in his mouth more than once—for instance this accidental admission recently of how dangerous the Covid “vaccines” he pushes can be (emphasis added):

“So if it’s going to be used, it’s better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe diseases and death; rather than, as we see, some countries are using to give boosters to kill children, which is not right.”

Anthony S. Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health of the United States of America

I hardly know where to start with him—like Xi, perhaps a significant number of people know this man is very corrupt, but I don’t think people emphasize enough that he is in fact a sadistic murderer.  If you think that’s extreme language, look at the facts: Dr. Fauci funded an “experiment” which deliberately tortured beagle puppies, approved the testing of what turned out to be deadly drugs on orphans as part of another “experiment,” helped create the Covid-19 virus through condemnable gain-of-function research, helped orchestrate a plandemic that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands (not least through ensuring that people were denied life-saving care because of Covid restrictions he insisted upon), and the destruction or permanent damage of millions upon millions of lives more—then pushed upon the world a vaccine he must have known doesn’t work, and most certainly continued to tout the vaccine, even while hundreds of thousands die or suffer permanent damage from it.  Fauci even lied under oath to Congress.

Janet L. Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States

She works for an illegitimate government (the Biden administration), that came to power by stealing the 2020 US election.  But if you don’t consider that direct evidence of Yellen’s corruption… Yellen had breached the ethics agreement she signed as US Treasury Secretary barely a month after she had originally signed it.

António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations

Where to start with Guterres?  I previously exclusively reported on my SubStack newsletter, Pro Deo et Libertate, how Guterres—then recommended for a second term as UN Secretary-General—had called Xi Jinping in May 2021 to congratulate the Communist dictator on the “great achievements” of the Chinese Communist Party.  The CCP, which has killed at least 65 million people over the course of its bloody history.  Guterres’s idiocy and CCP ties go much deeper than his congratulations to Xi, however.  “At the very start of his term, in 2016, Guterres told the European Union (EU) to ignore their voters and open wide their borders to Muslim migrants (making the extremely silly argument that the only way to end criminal human smuggling is to make it legal)—almost simultaneously with his trip to Communist China, where he enthusiastically lauded CCP tyrants who have been guilty of perpetual genocides and unjust executions ever since they came into power.

In 2018, Guterres traveled to China and met with Xi Jinping. Guterres’s official spokesperson said he stated ‘the United Nations continues to count on China’s leadership.’”  Guterres is a total Marxist hack, practically in love with the evil CCP.

Al Gore, Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) and Chairman and Co-Founder, Generation Investment Management

Gore has a long, long history of lying—most especially about climate change.  For instance, Gore “claimed in his 2006 film that by 2016, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa would be snow-free” due to global warming.  He was totally wrong.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

In 2020, Ursula von der Leyen said that the European Green Deal was a major priority for her.  Like all climate change craziness, the European Green Deal essentially targets successful production and private, small businesses/operations in the name of reducing alleged climate change.  The Global Farmer Network slammed the deal, for instance, explaining that provisions of the European Green Deal would essentially put farmers out of jobs, dramatically decrease food production, and drive up food prices.  The Austrian Economics Center gloomily commented, “The European Green Deal Is Every Bit as Bad as Expected.”  In other words, the European Green Deal was a move to sacrifice economies and ordinary people’s lives on the altar of ideology.  And somehow I seriously doubt that Von der Leyen has given up airplane travel or cut down on her electricity use to save the environment.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Well, let’s see—the Australian Army is forcibly moving citizens to Covid-19 “quarantine camps.”  The Western Journal reported in July 2021, “It Looks Like [Australia’s] People Are Facing Total Medical Tyranny as Military Rolls Into Major City to Enforce COVID Lockdowns.”  Human Rights Watch reported as far back as Sept. 2020 that the actions of Australian police in enforcing outrageous Covid restrictions were so appalling that they “threaten basic rights.”  “Australia” has practically become synonymous with “totalitarian” in the minds of many globally.  The Prime Minister presiding over such a tyrannical state needs to lose his office, not be invited to speak before a prestigious global conference. 

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

CCP-controlled China Daily wrote the following:

“Kagame said in his message [to Xi] that China has played an important role in Rwanda’s transformation by supporting the country through FOCAC, the Belt and Road Initiative and other channels.

Pointing out that both countries believe in the idea of respecting and helping each other and conducting win-win cooperation, Kagame said Rwanda will continue to expand and strengthen cooperation with China.”

You do have to take anything China Daily says with a grain of salt, but the fact that his conversation with Xi was so eagerly and positively spun by a CCP propaganda mouthpiece doesn’t speak well for Kagame.  Based on what Kagame said in the latter article, as well as in other places, he seems quite happy to take money from China and totally ignore its crimes.  Kagame has explicitly endorsed Chinese investment in Africa—one wonders how much he is beholden to the evil CCP.

John F. Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate of the United States of America

In April 2021, it was revealed that Kerry had been briefing Iran’s terror chiefs on sensitive information about US ally and Iranian enemy Israel.  Kerry also has a history of being dishonest, including lying about a wound he accidentally gave himself in Vietnam to obtain military decorations.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

In the political position he had before he was prime minister, Modi expended a great deal of effort on trying to get major Chinese investments in his area. From Nov. 2011: “BEIJING: Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi wooed Chinese investments here on Wednesday saying his state was very different from the rest of India. . .The main focus of his sales pitch is his plan to create new ‘world class cities’ under the Special Investment Region program.  He invited Chinese businesses to invest in the planned $8 billion Dholera SIR. . .The Gujarat chief minister flew into Beijing last night in a specially chartered 33-seat aircraft carrying officials from Gandhinagar and Indian business executives.”  You get the idea—as Gujarat chief minister, Modi was practically begging the Chinese to give him money. 

Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister of Israel

Bennett came to power specifically by ousting self-defense hardliner Benjamin Netanyahu, and aiming to appease the terrorist “Palestinians” (who have made it perfectly clear they do not want peace, they want to wipe Israel off the map).  Covid restrictions have become absolutely outrageous in Israel under Bennett’s government, with three doses of the Covid jab required to be “fully vaccinated” and participate in normal societal functions, and a fourth booster shot available for certain groups. “Now is the time to be strict about the Green Pass,” Bennett said of Israel’s tyrannical vaccine passport in October.

Kishida Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan

CCP-controlled state media outlet CGTN ran an article in Dec. 2021 with an overall positive view of Kishida.  “Kishida appointed Toshimitsu Motegi, a pro-China politician, as Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), one of the most important positions within the party. . .the pro-China strength in the Kishida administration has greatly increased. . .[including] Kishida’s appointment of Yoshimasa Hayashi, renowned for his knowledge of and contacts in China, as the new Foreign Minister. . .It is worth noting that during the phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on October 8, Prime Minister Kishida indicated explicitly that Japan is willing to ‘take the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations as an opportunity to make joint efforts in building a constructive and stable Sino-Japan relationship that meets the requirements of the new era.’”  Now, CGTN is of course hardly a trustworthy source—and it furthermore had its doubts about Kishida as well as its praise.  If a CCP-controlled propaganda outlet has a lot of good things to say about someone, however, I would immediately put that someone down as highly questionable.

Learning about the leaders and speakers of Davos Agenda 2022, I could not help feeling like Jabez Stone in The Devil and Daniel Webster.  Jabez’s fate rested on the decision of a jury composed of the greatest blackguards in American history.

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