HILARIOUS: Video Shows DC Residents FACT-CHECKING Mayor Bowser And Dr. Fauci On Vaccine Efficacy, REJECTING Jab

Hilarious footage from 2021 surfaced to Twitter this week showing Dr. Anthony Fauci and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser traversing the Anacostia neighborhood of D.C., promoting vaccinations door-to-door. In the videos, Fauci can be heard espousing faulty information about COVID transmission after the jab, wrongly saying that vaccines stop transmission. In one clip, an Anacostia […]

CDC Prepares to Mandate COVID Vaccine for School Children

tucker carlson on covid vaccines for school children

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on an under-covered story on his show Tuesday night, exposing CDC plans to mandate COVID vaccinations for school children. The mandate would come in the form of the childhood immunization schedule, a list of required vaccines for children going into public school.  “This week, the CDC’s advisory committee on […]

CDC Turns Blind Eye to Data to Push Vaccines on Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is lying to pregnant women and new mothers, assuring them that the dangerous Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective; nay, almost necessary.  The CDC is urging pregnant women and new mothers to get vaccinated, while ignoring all kinds of data on […]

The Hard Truth About Newsmax’s Vaccine Mandate

newsmax vaccine mandate email

Newsmax has emerged in recent years as a legitimate television competitor to Fox News, garnering an especially large spike in viewership during the 2020 election. However, Newsmax now finds itself in a similar boat as cable’s top dog. At a time when conservative organizations like the Daily Wire are standing up to the Biden administration’s […]

WATCH: Boston’s LIBERAL Mayor DESTROYS Vaccine Passports in Viral Video

This week, Boston Mayor Kim Janey absolutely destroyed the pro-vaccine passport angle following New York City’s new mandate, which went into effect recently. Janey was asked if Boston was going to consider forcing vaccine passports requirements for private businesses. Her response — if a bit partisan and anti-Trump — was a clear rebuke of these […]

NEW Evidence Suggests Vaccines Could INCREASE the Spread of the China Virus

New evidence suggests the COVID-19 vaccinations being lauded as ‘life-saving’ could potentially worsen the virus’ spread. Before deleting it from an article, USA Today referenced an NBC News report that vaccinated individuals have a HIGHER level of the COVID-19 virus. The USA Today PREVIOUSLY reported the following before deleting the reference to NBC’s report: “NBC […]

THIS Superstar is Considering RETIREMENT Due to the NFL’s Forced Vaccine Policy

deandre hopkins wearing cardinals jersey

All-pro NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins took to Twitter to share his concerns about the league’s newly-updated COVID-19 vaccination policy. The league recently announced that players who are not vaccinated will be subject to forfeitures and other penalties. Many players have voiced dissatisfaction with the league’s edict, claiming vaccination was initially pitched as a choice. […]