HILARIOUS: Video Shows DC Residents FACT-CHECKING Mayor Bowser And Dr. Fauci On Vaccine Efficacy, REJECTING Jab


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Hilarious footage from 2021 surfaced to Twitter this week showing Dr. Anthony Fauci and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser traversing the Anacostia neighborhood of D.C., promoting vaccinations door-to-door.

In the videos, Fauci can be heard espousing faulty information about COVID transmission after the jab, wrongly saying that vaccines stop transmission.

In one clip, an Anacostia resident claimed she saw information suggesting that vaccinations do not stop transmission, and Fauci errantly explained that she was wrong.

Of course, as Rogue Review repeatedly reported early in the days of the vaccine saga, the woman is right; vaccines do very little to affect the transmission of COVID-19, especially with newer variants.

Fauci himself has since admitted, begrudgingly, that vaccinated folks are not in any way protected from getting the virus.

In another video, a man also denied the door-to-door sales duo of Bowser and Fauci, saying the speedy rollout of the vaccine made him hesitant and unlikely to take it.


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  1. Many people will be held accountable for pushing the V. It kills and injures. The only jab that didn’t were the ones that contained saline solution (given on purpose to make the deaths look less evident.) I am hoping and praying that all my friends and relatives were given the saline shot.

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