NEW CNN Employee Leak: President Jeff Zucker Has ‘PERSONAL VENDETTA’ Against Trump, Lindsey Graham


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A new Project Veritas video exposes CNN President Jeff Zucker’s animosity towards conservatives and Trump, confirming the infamous source of ‘Fake News’ really is just trying to pit Americans against one another.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra tweeted the video out at noon on Monday. In the clip, major CNN employees are seen and heard detailing Zucker’s corrupt and deliberate polarization of Trump and his supporters.

This comes as no surprise to conservatives, especially those that align with Trump; CNN has continually demonized them as bigots, misogynists and haters of immigrants throughout the past half-decade. While none of this is true, or ever has been, the network sadly continues to push the divide between Americans through propaganda and fake narratives.

Employee Cary Poarch, an uplink technician at CNN, details his experience working for the network:

Getting hired at CNN was my dream job… That turned out to be a nightmare.


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