ABUSIVE: Mask-Exempt Child Shares HEARTBREAKING Details About Mistreatment at School


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An elementary in Kailua, Hawaii is forcing a child who is mask-exempt to undergo isolation at school, according to new evidence. The school is called Kainalu Elementary.

The story went viral on Twitter early Saturday when a user (@Siggmak) tweeted out an image and THIS caption:

A friend of mine got a medical mask exemption for her son and this is what happened to him…

The tweet features a picture of a piece of notebook paper with the handwriting of a young child. The note appears to show a schedule — or journal — documenting the abuse he is dealing with at school as a mask-exempt student… and it is simply heartbreaking.

He is being isolated, forced to wait last for lunch and recess, shoved in the back of the classroom where he can’t hear or see, and also isn’t allowed to use the boys restroom.

THIS image was attached:

This abusive pattern we are seeing in schools for mask-exempt children is only expected to HEIGHTEN as schools open up around the country. In response, thousands of families are choosing to make the switch to homeschooling as a result of these draconian measures.

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2 Responses

  1. Tell teachers they can no longer go to the grocery store or any store as they would be making someone work and be exposed to the virus. They think they are so much better than anyone else. Children are less of a threat than anyone else. In fact children are at risk from teachers.

    1. This is discriminatory and this child is protected. He needs to have an IEP, I think it’s called, and they need to have him in the least restrictive setting, same as any other child with any special needs. Sue! Sue! Sue! If theyre going to treat him this way, he needs to have an IEP. That will protect him, if he isn’t protected already.

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