ADORABLE MOMENT During Kari Lake’s RNC Hispanic Center Appearance in Phoenix


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During a visit to the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic Community Center in South Phoenix, Arizona, Kari Lake gave remarks, celebrating the GOP as the party of the American Dream. During the event, an adorable moment was caught on camera and later featured in a newly-released campaign ad (included below).

“The Republican Party is the party of the Latino… it is the party of family, it is the party of faith, it is the party of the American Dream… that’s what Latinos are about. My husband is Latino, my children are Latino… I’m just a gringo, ok,” Lake started.

After laughs, Lake pointed out a young girl in the back of the room, who then responded in an adorable fashion, saying, “I like you because you take care of babies,” referencing Lake’s Pro-life stance.

Applause ensued, and Lake said she can’t wait to see what the girl does when she grows up.

Amazingly, the girl, just six years old, says, “I want to be just like you!”

The room exploded in applause.


This cute moment – sure to be a hit for the Lake campaign – also represents the Republican Party’s overarching progress in Latino communities.

UPDATE: Just minutes after this story was published, the Lake campaign released an amazing new advertisement… culminating in the special moment captured above. Watch the best advertisement of 2022 so far:

The original story continues:

Starting in 2016 and continuing in 2020, Latino voters in border towns and in red states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida have gravitated towards Republican candidates, especially Donald Trump.

In hopes of continuing that trend in 2022, the Republican National Committee has set up Hispanic Community Centers across the country, including the venue Lake visited in the clip.

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