After Threatening ‘Student Conduct Charges’ for Placing Pro-Trump Signs, Texas A&M Cancels Disciplinary Meeting with TAMU Students for Trump President


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Thursday, Texas A&M Students for Trump President Dion Okeke received a disciplinary note from the Student Conduct Office after he placed pro-Trump signs on public property.

Monday, Okeke announced via Twitter that the school canceled the meeting:

On the eve of the election, Okeke and other pro-Trump students decided to place “Keep America Great” signs throughout the Texas A&M campus. Initially, campus police were called, but they eventually gave Okeke “full permission to continue placing the signs.”

Despite receiving permission, Okeke still received a letter from the Assistant Coordinator of Student Conduct Jessica Welsch. In Welsch’s letter, she asks to meet with Okeke to “discuss the circumstances surrounding this incident, your perspective, and how you can be successful as a student at Texas A&M University.”

Welsch went on to say that the meeting was “not optional” and Okeke could have faced “Student Conduct Code charges.” Okeke has until January 22nd to schedule a meeting, until then he will be on administrative hold, and will not be allowed to attend classes.

Unsurprisingly, Texas A&M has signs and flags all over campus. If you were to walk around campus you would immediately see dozens of Black Lives Matter, Gay Pride, and Pro-Mask signs. Students who put those signs up have not, and likely will not receive any disciplinary action for partisan messaging.

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