Newsom’s COVID California: Full-Blown Communism


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face— forever.” George Orwell, 1984. 

Our topic of discussion for today is a subject of great importance. One I have studied and been enthralled by for most of my life. Not because of its benefits to society, but because of its easily foreseeable detriments and appreciation for suppressing the individual. Most importantly, because of the willingness of the masses to comply. 


Communism is not a goal—communism is a system. It’s a system that uses the power of the State, i.e. “public” or government, to make individuals subservient to the “public good,” or will of the majority. 

This rests on the fallacy that what the majority wills is moral—but morals are subjective, hence why there is a minority or plurality when it comes to important matters of public policy, society, and culture. Politics is downstream of culture. 

Those in government who impose such harsh fines and lockdowns for American’s unwillingness to adhere to detrimental, unscientific, and illogical bureaucratic standards—such government officials believe their actions to be for the “public good.”

But what about the individual good? 

Ian Smith’s gym in NJ has been open for many months. New Jersey Governor Murphy has been imposing not only daily business fines which would bankrupt medium-sized businesses. But also personal daily fines for executives in amounts that would quickly bankrupt multi-millionaires. 

Yet, to our great shock, no COVID case has been linked to his gym. So why the fine? Does not seem to follow the science. Ian, however, is fighting back and needs our support

What about the small business owner in Los Angeles who spent $10,000’s of dollars so her business would comply with the ever-changing local government standards of outside seating, only to be shut down entirely by California Governor Newsom. Only for her to then have a Hollywood Entertainment Company set up outdoor seating for food on set—right across her street.

Seems her lobby didn’t pay the piper enough. 

Republicans have been pushing through this entire unprecedented Pandemic Period for business COVID liability protection for all these exact reasons. Because Republicans knew reality would come down to Democrats, who wield so much power, to use the force of the state for Americans to pay to use our inherent freedoms.

Sure, companies like Amazon and Walmart can comply with these standards—either by paying the fine or upgrading to comply. 

But over 90% of employers have employees of 500 or less. This country is not built on Walmart or Amazon, who employ >1% of the workforce. 

Government is not the solution to our problems; government is our problem.

For a disease with a fatality rate of >1%, it sure is being treated like the devil in the movie The Mist or Birdbox—the latter of which came out before all this.

How ironic. 

Individuals should be left to their own devices to lead their lives so long as they injure no one. Going out when you know you are not sick, and also not afraid to catch a virus with a 99.99% survival rate, is not injuring anyone. Most Americans even comply with mask mandates or lack thereof. If you do not want to go out because you are scared of virus, that’s okay, stay home. The rest of us should be able to manage the daily events and risks in our lives without the boot of government on our throats. 

If you are in CA, consider writing in or being heard at the meeting, virtually, to prevent the atrocious actions being attempted against individuals and small business owners in CA. 

Businesses are not only treated as separate and individual legal entities under the law. Businesses are also made up of individuals who are harmed by such detrimental policies. 

The devastation does not end with the businesses. When an employer, or thousands, go under and into bankruptcy—exponentially more individuals are harmed even more so. 

They say a slippery slope is a fallacy, but that’s largely a myth. Policies can be put in place which enable the ability to predict foreseeable consequences. We are all human and act much the same. If you raise taxes, people save more. Common knowledge. If you impose strict liability on businesses for something which even the government cannot “contain,” you start to see where such liability can cripple private enterprise. 

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