An Aussie Reporter SLAMMED Biden and It’s Hilarious


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After an embarrassing teleprompter gaffe last week, United States President Joe Biden and the White House have endured a flurry of memes surrounding Biden’s podium screw-up.

Some Twitter users pointed to the legendary character Ron Burgundy in the comedy film “Anchorman.” In the movie, Burgundy is an underperforming TV news anchor who, much like President Joe Biden, reads everything straight from the teleprompter – I mean EVERYTHING.

Biden and Burgundy both even make a habit of reading “end quote” aloud while staring down the teleprompter reel, and Australian columnist Rita Panahi took full advantage of the resemblance.

On her Sky News show, the American-born Aussie hilariously ripped Biden’s fitness as president and shared mash-up videos of him and Anchorman’s Burgundy. This is the best thing you will see today.


Right now, the Biden family is embroiled in numerous scandals, most recently leaked videos of Hunter Biden’s coked-out escapades with hookers.

Texts hacked from Hunter’s iPhone also show him berating First Lady Jill Biden, his stepmother.

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  1. Don’t make me laugh so hard,
    I have never seen such a clown,and circus together, this just isn’t funny anymore, this nincompoop needs real help, that comes from a nursing home. Dr. jill is an elder abuser, and needs tp put this guy,in a home,he isn’t fit to do the job. He and his crackhead son, are compromised,by our adversaries, and traitors, to america, both need to be investigated for treason,and dirty dealings, with the enemy.

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