18 Times Joe Biden Forgot a Name (VIDEO)


biden frowing at camera; announcing ministry of truth
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United States President Joe Biden has made a career out of political blunders and incoherent gaffes, especially since running for President in 2020.

Biden, now 79, is obviously ailing, and even most Democrats want him gone in 2024 according to a recent New York Times poll. It’s gotten so bad that even foreign reporters are mocking him on mainstream networks.

But for now, and for at least the next couple of months, the Democrats will have to brave the disastrous presidency of Biden and his penchant for forgetting names.

After numerous recent gaffes at the podium, the Republican National Committee put together a 91-second clip showing 18 instances in which Joe Biden forgot someone’s name.

From cabinet members to longtime political allies, no one is safe from Biden’s misnomers. WATCH:

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  1. Biden is living proof to the stupidity of millions of people who voted for the corrupt dementia patient.

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