Another HUGE Win for Parents’ Rights in Virginia


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Tuesday, the Virginia Republican Party took to Twitter to celebrate the passage of a new bill that requires schools to notify parents if they assign sexually explicit reading to kids in Commonwealth classrooms.

The bill now heads to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s desk, where it will most certainly be signed and executed into law. Youngkin’s polls have been mixed during his first months in office, but he has continued to deliver on top campaign priorities, particularly in schools.

The bill also gives parents the ability to opt their child out of inappropriate assignments upon request. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

The bill, which passed the House on a 52-46 vote Monday, also requires that students be given an alternative assignment if parents object to the materials.

The bill uses a definition of sexually explicit content that already exists in state law. The Department of Education is tasked with developing model regulations for local school boards to implement.

Democrats who objected to the bill say it smacked of censorship, and that valuable pieces of literature would be targeted under the legislation. Supporters emphasized that no books are banned or censored, and that the bill simply allows parents to be notified of explicit materials.

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