NEW: Illegal Immigrant Who Raped a Virginia Child is ARRESTED


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According to Fox News Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin, a Salvadoran man with a criminal record including child rape in Virginia has been arrested by border patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley.

The illegal immigrant – a supposed member of the MS-13 cartel – was also charged with child pornography in the Commonwealth. Bill Melugin reports:

NEW: Per DHS source, over the weekend, Border Patrol in the RGV arrested a Salvadoran man w/ record in Virginia for child porn, forcible rape of child under 13, as well as a Honduran man w/ a warrant in Miami & record of cruelty to child & impregnating a child under 16. @FoxNews

The Border Patrol RGV sector chief reports that just last week alone, his agents arrested 12 gang members, including 7 MS-13, as well as 6 migrants with criminal records including murder and sexual crimes against children.

@BillFOXLA, Twitter

Border Patrol’s official news release on their latest MS-13 arrests can be read here.

9 Responses

  1. I have a good friend who is from a South American country. He said that men in his country who are caught by villagers after they have committed this type of crime are killed and buried in the jungles. If the punishment is good enough in his own country why is it not good enough for America???

  2. Please do not let these criminal illegal aliens out of jail. Do not let Soros or Harris or any democrat bail them out. This type of BS must be stopped. Alll who voted for Biden should be sooo proud. These illegals raping and impregnating girls. IDIOTS = democrats!=America haters!!!

  3. I strongly feel that all these Mexicans and other Hispanic men are coming to America raping, stealing, killing woman, children and even men. We allow all these people to come here and they are raising the crime at alarming rate (Hit and Run, Drugs, Domestic violence, rape, child molestation, and gang violence etc Why are we as American allowing this happen (Caucasian) just to pay cheap rates for jobs that the normal america won’t work? Not just that the Hispanic/Latinos are taking advantage of our welfare system by having so many babies why why why!!!! because of cheap labor while their male counterpart is working under the table or using false ID’s or their children Social Security Number!!! This need to stop!!!!!— Asians, Africans, and other races have to applied for visa because they don’t have the luxury to seek across the BORDER in order to enter the USA!!!!!.

  4. Nothing will happen to him. Illegal criminals are protected by the rats in Washington. I’m guessing he will be looking for a new victim in just a few hours.

    1. If he’s thrown out of the country, he would be back again within a few days to a week. He should be tried, convicted & put in jail FOR LIFE.

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