As Antifa’s Tyrannical and Deadly Reign Persists in Portland, I Am Wondering, “When Will Patriots and Vets Fight Back?”


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My family escaped Iran during the revolution, at just about the last moment, in November of 1979. As the son of an immigrant who lost literally everything to escape tyranny, seeing ANTIFA in the streets as “anti-fascists,” imposing their tyranny on any dissenters, is almost surreal.

As I watched the firework display at the conclusion of the Republican National Convention, I had a clear but disturbing thought, “Under a Biden administration, the Washington monument could be taken down.” 

Immediately following that thought was the question I asked myself, “Could Portland become the next Fort Sumter?”

We need only to look at our Civil War and see that even before President Lincoln was inaugurated South Carolina declared succession, followed in short suit by others.

While Portland may be the pinnacle of the Democrats’ complete and utter failure to govern, it illustrates the potential of other Democratic strong-holds (e.g. Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, etc.) becoming beholden to the larger narrative being pushed: the radical idea that it’s time for revolution.

Over these last few days, I have asked myself, “At what point would I don my uniform and rejoin the military to quell such an insurrection?” The murder of the Patriot Prayer in Portland last night by one of these insurrectionists only furthers my contemplating the answer.

I can only imagine that this question is being contemplated by many in our nation who have fought and served in defense of our Constitution. Thankfully, I do not feel at this point that the question requires my answer. 

The response I will give is to you the reader is that you must get involved politically at your local level if you want to prevent this from coming to your doorstep; prior to my having to respond to that question.

Preservation of liberty is not accomplished with idle hands.

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