OPINION: Transgenderism: Acceptance is Abusive


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Her Story:

Imagine that there is a young girl named Alexis.  

Alexis has just turned thirteen. Like a lot of people her age, she’s not exactly thrilled about the way she looks. So along with her female classmates, she tries on makeup, experiments with different hairstyles, and changes her wardrobe to match her friends’ fashions.

But unlike her classmates, she doesn’t grow more comfortable with her looks over time.  

By sixteen she’s borderline anorexic, and more concerned than ever about her appearance.

She does get a job though, and starts saving money.  

When she’s 22, she uses the money she’s saved to get plastic surgery.  Specifically, she pays about $8,000 for a doctor to cut her open and insert artificial plastic sacks made of a substance called silicone into her chest, and sew her back up.  She would have done this earlier, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines require you to be twenty-two to get this done.

Pleased with the result (and the attention from society) she soon decides on another procedure.

Insurance doesn’t typically cover purely cosmetic surgery, so she saves up again, and at twenty-five, gets a rhinoplasty, better known as a nose-job.  The procedure carries risks, but Alexis is among the lucky ones.  She emerges healthy, and her nose looks exactly as she’d hoped.

However, there’s an obvious problem.  You can’t see Alexis, so you’d be unable to spot it, but she has. What good is having a new nose (she asks herself) when your throat is all lumpy and deformed looking?  Actually, what Alexis sees might not be visible even if you did see her – most people would only see a stunning young woman. 

But at 27, Alexis is ready to go under the knife again.  She drops several thousand more dollars to get a laryngeal shave – getting some of the cartilage in her throat shaved down so that her throat looks more feminine and smooth.  And like her previous procedures, this one goes fine.

A year later, at 28, Alexis is still stunning – to everyone but herself.  

She does realize one thing, however.  She’s no longer who she was.  There’s little of herself left in her appearance.  She doesn’t really like her own personality either, wrapped up in looks, and likes on Facebook.  She’s also put over $30,000 into surgery and cosmetics, and she’s broke, despite working for over a decade.

Oh, and she still has the problem she started out with at 13.  She’s depressed.  She has emotional and psychological issues that have never been treated, or taken seriously.

So, she starts to take experimental new drugs that a questionable doctor prescribed to make her feel better.  They work for a time.  At 29, she commits suicide.

Where were Alexis’s parents or friends in all this?  The answer is that they encouraged her to do all of it.  They suggested it.  Supported it.  What awful people…right?  

 Alexis isn’t transgender – but she might as well be.

You see, almost everything that was just described about “Alexis’s” journey is identical to what transgender individuals (in this case men seeking to become women) are likely to experience in the U.S.  It’s trendy and cutting edge to support transgenderism though, so everything horrific about the above is acceptable so long as parents and doctors push it for that purpose.  

The first step is often a laryngeal shave to get rid of the cartilage “Adam’s apple” in the throat – a feature that women have, but that usually isn’t as prominent as it is in men.  Men who are “transitioning” will also probably have to get breast implants, if they wish to look truly feminine. Still more surgeries, from facial alteration (thus “Alexis’s” nose job) to even the removal of ribs in order to create a narrower, more “feminine” figure are also possible (rib removal, while legal in the U.S., remains rare – for the moment). 

All of that is followed by the removal of genitals, which produces profound hormonal differences within the body.    And much like Alexis’s decision to accept dangerous drugs to alter her mood, many doctors around the U.S. now offer drugs that radically alter the developmental timeline or natural physiology of those wishing to transition, even giving such drugs to pre-teen children.  

For pre-teen kids, many doctors now give hormones to delay the onset of puberty – despite the fact that that isn’t the intended purpose of the drugs in question, according to the FDA.  These drugs supposedly give the child (really the child’s parents) more time to “decide” if they want to transition.  Doctors offering these drugs admit that delaying puberty via the blocking of estrogen or testosterone production could have serious negative health consequences for those whose puberty is thus delayed, including:

  • Lack of proper bone growth, and;
  • Improper neurological development.

But remember, it’s all for a popular cause!

For teens and adults who complete the process of transitioning by using injections of hormones (estrogen or testosterone) more abundantly found in the opposite gender, the risks include:

  • Permanent infertility,
  • Heart attack,
  • Breast cancer, and;
  • Permanent and irreversible changes to the voice.

Additionally, such hormone therapy, like plastic surgery, often isn’t cheap, costing from a mere $48 a year for basic estrogen pills to $14,400 a year for “puberty blockers”.  Possibly on the taxpayer’s dime, depending on the type and source of insurance.

It’s almost as if gender transitions aren’t a gracious form of acceptance for all.  In fact, they’re what was traditionally called child abuse and self-mutilation.

But it’s all worth it, right?

But aren’t all of these surgeries and injections helping people who don’t feel comfortable?  

Since 41% of “transgender” individuals attempt suicide, compared to less than 5% of the population in general, I’d say not.  The suicide rate is even higher among those who receive hormone therapy.  

Some thoughts.

We’ve all seen liberals try to apply cancel culture to “unfair” beauty standards – sometimes even with good reason.  Many liberals and Democrats have also embraced supposedly “natural” foods and products, avoiding filling their bodies with anything they consider “artificial” and the world with non-biodegradable substances such as plastics.  

So here’s a thought for Democrats and the left.  If you don’t think young women should mutilate and starve themselves just to look good, and you wouldn’t put artificial substances (including plastics) into your own body, or mess with your body’s natural balance, please display the same kindness toward those who express a desire to “transition” (many of whom deeply regret it after the fact).  Try offering them help instead of meaningless “acceptance”.  Sometimes acceptance is cowardly and wrong, and having honest friends can be more important than having nice ones.

One possible resource for anyone who is struggling:  https://www.edeninvitation.com/about-us (this does not equal an endorsement of all views, activities, or thoughts connected with this organization).

Sources for information contained in the article available upon request at https://twitter.com/upbeatconserv or https://www.facebook.com/The-Upbeat-Conservative-122526687933491

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