Whoopi Goldberg Attacks Clarence Thomas, MELTS DOWN On ‘The View’ After SCOTUS Strikes Down Affirmative Action [FULL CLIP]


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During a Thursday segment on ABC’s “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg expressed her terror following a significant decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that effectively ends the use of race-based affirmative action in college admissions.

Referencing the struggles of the civil rights movements in the 1960s, Goldberg, known for her liberal stance on the show, remarked, “People wouldn’t have had to march and beg and face hoses and all these things” if everyone was treated equally. She attributed the elimination of affirmative action to the legal actions of two individuals, Edward Bloom and Abigail Fisher, who claimed discrimination under the policy.

Addressing the audience, Goldberg asked, “Why do we scare you?” eliciting cheers from the crowd of left-wing lemmings.

Later in the discussion, Goldberg criticized the remarks of Justice Clarence Thomas, a black conservative member of the Supreme Court who has been vocal against race-based affirmative action. In an epic concurring opinion written on the ruling, Thomas derided the modern-day left-wing view of racism and the constant cries for more ‘diversity.’

In her angry response, Goldberg retorted, “Let me pose this question to you, Justice Thomas: could your mother and father vote in this country? Because if the 14th Amendment truly put us on equal footing, they would have been able to vote. And you know why that changed? Because people went out and made a change.”


Continuing to travel back in time to make her point, Goldberg added, “Who wants to be hit by a water hose? Nobody! But that’s what people endured to secure the right to vote. So when you say you don’t know what diversity is, I say you’re full of it.”

The other co-hosts on the show, including Joy Behar, joined in the discussion. Behar expressed her frustration with legacy policies at institutions like Harvard and challenged the notion of a post-racial society. Behar also raised concerns about potential future rollbacks on issues like gay rights and abortion.

Resident ‘conservative’ co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin interjected to clarify that gay marriage had been codified by the Senate.

Justice Thomas, in his roaring concurring opinion, criticized the “race-based worldview” of his colleague, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, and liberals who argue in favor of maintaining race-based affirmative action to address socioeconomic disadvantages faced by minority students. Thomas denounced this perspective as an insult to individual achievement and detrimental to young minds striving to overcome barriers rather than resigning to perpetual victimhood.

Thomas was lauded in conservative circles for the final section of his opinion. See it here:

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9 Responses

  1. Poor Whoopsi, always the victim, but a very rich black victim. Dumber than a box of hammers.

  2. Whoopi complains an awful lot about the horrible way blacks were treated in the past, but it was so bad, why is she now a staunch advocate for the very political party responsible for everything she is complaining about?
    Republicans are guilty of and perpetrated NONE OF THESE THINGS!

  3. That 44-year precedent Whoopi cites was just TOO LONG!!!! Why did it take everyone so long to figure out it was a racist policy at its very core?

  4. Whoopi, you forget, those voting changes occurred over 100 years ago. You want to keep pushing something that no longer exists. This country succeeds when those who produce succeed. Merit and success are intertwined. You want hand-outs for individuals who choose laziness, sloth and feeling sorry for themselves. The path to success is open for those who take the steps. Successful people study, work hard, and go the extra mile to achieve their dreams. Slothful people refuse to learn, sit on their asses, and reach out their hands expecting successful people to give them something for nothing.

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