Bank REFUSES SERVICE to War Hero and Trump Advisor General Michael Flynn


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Spitting in the faces of America’s veterans, Chase Bank has stated it that will close the account and credit cards of retired general and American hero Michael Flynn.  The Bank told Flynn in a letter that this was due to the “reputational risk” of associating with him. 

Flynn’s career included an incident in which he jumped off of a forty-foot cliff to successfully save two stranded fellow soldiers and ended with his service as the National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump (it appears that the association with Trump formed the basis of the bank’s decision). 

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Since bank accounts and credit cards are legally private matters between the holder and the bank, Chase Bank’s security must be called into question if the institution fears outsiders could have learned of Flynn’s relationship with the company.  Current Chase customers should be concerned if the bank is unable to keep accounts secure and confidential, and may wish to switch to a bank or credit union where their money and personal information will not be at risk.

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12 Responses

  1. Might need to update this article. Daily Mail is saying Chase is backtracking on this now that’s its made the news.

    I’d post the link but your site marks this message as spam so you’ll have to search the site yourself.

  2. Closing my account with Chase, had it since 1989. I’m sick of these woke companies. Let’s put our money where our mouth is!

  3. He was National Security Advisor for all of one week until he was arrested and pled guilty for lying to Congress. He should be in prison. He is a traitor for advocating the overthrow of the Government and suggesting “martial law” to keep a losing candidate in office. I wouldn’t give this guy credit either. He is no hero.

    1. It was a complete set up. Where have u been. Really if ur gonna listen to just cnn then don’t talk. Listen to both sides and then make ur opinion. And I’m a registered Democrat by the way. Also, election was stolen. Don’t be naive. American people should decide our president not the elite or corrupt.

    2. He plead guilty because they were threatening his family. No go suck eggs you Commie.
      It’s going to happen the audit’s will be competed and you and your traitorous allies will be scrambling for excuses.

  4. Guess its time for all the 81,000,000 Trump supporters to cancel out Their Chase accounts and pull out all their money from their banks.

  5. At one time I thought about opening an online account with Chase Bank because of their great signup perks but not now. Leftists will never grow up!!

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