BETTLE: The Big Lie 3.0 — Critical Race Theory


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Critical Race Theory is not what taxpayers pay the government to teach children; the government was not given the responsibility of teaching children moral judgment.

With the arrest of the head of a Drag Queen Story Hour organization for child pornography, a foreseeable outcome caused by a long-preached progressive “diversity” pitch, the issue of children’s mental and physical health could not be of greater national importance. We must have leaders in government putting the mental and physical protection of young children first. This man, Brett Blomme was head of the “Cream City LGBTQ+ Foundation.” These were hosted for free at local public libraries. The name tends towards some symbolism. 

Throughout our history, progressive officials have decried capitalism. But these types did not seem to mind laissez faire, unrestricted, black markets. Black markets that consistently regard all types of people as cash-generating cows. Blomme was a man with a trusted position of public authority— Milwaukee Country Circuit Court Judge—who ran on a “progressive alternative” platform. 

A quote I saw recently, which seems apt for the times, “a single voice with courage is a majority.” That quote applies to Florida Governor Ron Desantis (R) who, this week, announced the Sunshine State will not be teaching America’s youth the progressive program that is Critical Race Theory. Hopefully, his lone voice turns into unanimous consent.

Critical Race Theory is not what taxpayers pay the government to teach children. Because the government was not given the responsibility to teach children moral judgments by whom they represent. That job was reserved for the household.

If Americans want to grow up as adults, then come to the conclusion that they hate their country, that is their prerogative. However, it should not be taught to youth by the government. Children’s minds are malleable like a sponge. And as adults, they can learn to hate on their own time. After all, it was the government that allowed the atrocities it now blames capitalism for conceiving. Such strong conclusions take time to contextualize.

For years, I have read and researched Critical Race Theory regarding how it has been applied in public school curriculums. While our student population continues to dramatically decline educationally, public unions have wielded immense power over the Department of Education. Teachers Unions have spent their political capital across the nation denying minorities and low-income families the success of charter schools and other proven measures. Instead, directing them to lower quality, government-financed schools. 

The United States of America was founded on core principles that are enshrined in our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Life, Liberty, and Property. We engage these principles every day and celebrate them on the Fourth of July. Whether your descendants stretch back to the founding or after, all citizens who stay and become citizens adopt these principles. The basic principles of limited government, freedom for all, coercion of none, equality, the rule of law, and free-market capitalism. 

Debates abound on what these terms mean. But to teach youthful Americans a hierarchy based upon systemic racism—lately, regarding anyone conservative—government intervention, freedom for some, coercion for the “public safety,” equity, the rule of men, and socialism (no matter how democratic), is not only immoral. But it is antithetical to how a Union stays a Union. 

As President Abraham Lincoln once quoted, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Teaching children today that there are others who have caused turmoil and must be punished does not lead to a civil society tomorrow. Instead of teaching our youth to chant songs to the Aztec god of human sacrifice. We should be teaching them the God of self-sacrifice, which is enshrined in Life, Liberty, and Property. It is for everyone’s sanity and prosperity.

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