DECEPTION? Is Pfizer-BioNTech Jab NOT Fully Authorized?

Hannah Griff contributed to this article. Our Republic is at stake. For a long time, Americans have severely suffered under the tyranny of The Big Lie. Since the beginning of “fifteen days to slow the spread,” such tyranny has only proliferated. None, however, is more important than the deception being propagandized by agenda-seekers to the […]

NEW DETAILS: Spoiled Georgia Ballots Were ALTERED by Staff, Counted for Biden

In an explosive report by Just the News based upon documents obtained from Fulton County, Georgia—we have come to learn that a full-fledged audit of the state is necessary. Remember, Georgia was a state Trump lost by a mere 11,279 votes. Whether a full audit turns out to flip the state or not, is not the point. The point […]

BETTLE: Cubans Fight for Freedom as Americans Fall for Fascism

Communist Cuba began violent crackdowns this weekend following an unprecedented wave of protests. Cuban citizens have been calling for basic freedoms, resources, and government. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has deployed security forces onto protesters, arresting over 80 and detaining them in unknown locations. This is all part and parcel of the ideology prominent members of […]

BETTLE: Here’s Why Requiring Vax Passports is Unconstitutional and Illegal

It is an insane assertion to believe it is proper for the government to coerce people into injecting themselves with a foreign substance. To submit to vaccine passport mandates is even worse; vax passports are unconstitutional, as I argued below: This is a hill I’ll proudly die on. For example, the right to education does […]

BETTLE: The Rise of the New Aryan Race(s)+

Since the Obama Administration, we have seen a rapid rise in what can now be compared to the rise of an Aryan race, but in America. This time, however, it’s inclusive, diverse, and equitable — to a point. With the recent induction into the halls of “lives that matter” by communist liberal globalists, everyone but […]

BETTLE: Will the Ides of March Come Before the Crossing?

The Founders of the United States premised much of our nation on the Roman Republic’s government system, history, and culture. Many unique and novel ideas, though, were created with the American Experiment. An unintended addition has recently seemed to be an analogous timeline to Rome’s cascade into an authoritarian Empire. But, to the contrary, it […]

President Trump: The Art of the Steal

As Andrew Breitbart famously stated, culture is upstream from politics. Change the public’s perception to something more rational, and more people will believe it.