BETTLE: The Rise of the New Aryan Race(s)+


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Since the Obama Administration, we have seen a rapid rise in what can now be compared to the rise of an Aryan race, but in America. This time, however, it’s inclusive, diverse, and equitable — to a point. With the recent induction into the halls of “lives that matter” by communist liberal globalists, everyone but conservatives, republicans, and especially those most hated—Trump supporters— made the cut. Us right-wing simpletons are not within the New Aryan Race(s)+.

The Aryan Race is commonly explained as a wet dream from the mind of Adolf Hitler. Which is an odd argument to put forth since he, then, would have forgotten to include himself. Blonde hair, blue-eyed, heterosexual white people of Germanic descent, it is stated, were Hitler’s apparent choice to reign supreme over all the world. 

Aryans, though supreme over everyone else, were not supreme over a little non-German dude sporting a funny mustache, black hair, and blue eyes. Perhaps, maybe, because it was not his idea. Neither was blaming the Jews and everyone not Aryan for the problems facing Germany—after one of the deadliest global conflicts ever, started by Germany and its allies. 

But, blaming anyone but yourself is pretty common. Especially in America today. 

One of my followers recently recommended to me via email a book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take over America. After my most recent column of essentially the same title, this book piqued my interest. After receiving it Thursday, I highly recommend the book—Jim Marrs is a multi-time winning New York Times Bestseller. It’s scary. It’s accurate. And, it’s non-fiction. Wise words of wisdom reside within. 

Since the fall of the False Hitler on November 3, 2020, the progressive propaganda approach has turned from demonizing white people to now demonizing any one of the 74 million, or more, people who voted for Donald Trump. It is no longer a battle of skin color, gender, or ethnicity. After all, they admitted recently all lives matter—except conservative ones. 

Radical socialist and liberal progressives, and their allies, have pivoted towards the Big Lie 1.0 tactics of demonizing one specific type of individual—for the collective safety of “democracy.” These others, so progressives claim, are the source of all that befalls the New Aryan Race(s)+. Globalist progressives have even come to use the War on Covid as a reason for implementing a global and equitable Great Reset to rectify the problems faced befalling the New Aryan Race(s)+. Now, and from the past. 

We witnessed an attack on the United States House of Representatives. Well before any evidence ever came out, progressives and their allies immediately blamed them: Trump and his supporters. Oddly enough, after the fledgling National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi, for short), took legislative power of the Reichstag in 1932, they implemented their propaganda tactic the Big Lie 2.0 

This was a false flag operation carried out by the Gestapo, or German Secret Intelligence Police, and staged an attack on the Capitol. Hitler and his party then went on to blame the communists. The Reichstag then passed the Enabling Acts, which effectively made him, as Chancellor (or Speaker of the Reichstag), a dictator. 

Using these powers, Hitler continued his approach of alienating anyone who was not Aryan, leading to the Final Solution. The policies they implemented were not like vaccine passports we see today. One begins to wonder if maybe the first widely available vaccine being created in 1961 potentially played a part. 

After all, Nazis were perfectly fine with poisoning people en masse, horrific live-human experimentation, assisted suicide, widespread eugenics of the deficient, and many other crimes against individual human rights. All of this, Nazis said, was for the safety of the Third Reich. Not only did the German people know of this but stay silent out of fear; the world did. Uighurs in China come to mind. 

With such a vibrant historic record of catastrophic policies put implemented by such horrible dictatorships of Fascist Nazi Germany and Italy, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Communist China and others. Now is the time to speak up and act against the very same types of policies being promoted, here, in America. The rise of a Fourth Reich is not inevitable. Nothing in this life is. 

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