Biden Had Whopping $5.2M in Unexplained Income in ’21 (RECORDS)


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A recently released report has revealed that President Joe Biden has $5.2 million in extra income following the release of taxes and income projections for the past fiscal year, according to financial records.

The Daily Mail released its report yesterday, exposing Biden and his infamous crack-using son Hunter, who used his father’s influence as Vice President under the Obama administration to latch onto highly influential jobs in countries like China and the Ukraine.

According to the report, a deal was brokered between Joe and his son Hunter where Joe would be labeled as “the Big Guy” in financial matters between him and Hunter. Joe also got a cut of the action from Hunter. Another deal was struck between the two where Hunter would help pay Joe’s bills, and vice versa. 

Citing the Daily Mail report, the President earned some of his income from book deals and Jill Biden’s employment, but there is an extra $7 million that he did not disclose on government transparency reports. 

An email from Hunter Biden’s assistant Katie Dodge also listed numerous bills that Joe was supposed to pay for Hunter’s legal fees totaling $28,000. Daily Mail reports:

In January 2019, Hunter’s assistant Katie Dodge wrote an email to book-keeper Linda Shapero and Biden aide Richard Ruffner, saying Joe had agreed to pay his hundreds of thousands of dollars of bills.

‘I spoke with Hunter today regarding his bills. It is my understanding that Hunt’s dad will cover these bills in the short-term as Hunter transitions in his career,’ Dodge said.

The assistant attached a spreadsheet of bills with the email, totaling $737,130.61.

One of the last items was $28,000 in legal fees for the ‘restructuring’ of Hunter’s joint venture with the government-controlled Bank of China.

The spreadsheet listed the bill as ‘Faegre Baker Daniels: BHR Restructuring’ costing $28,382 and due ‘ASAP’.

BHR (‘Bohai Harvest RST’) is a private equity firm and one of Hunter’s two major Chinese business ventures. The joint venture was co-owned by the state-controlled Bank of China.

Joe’s Tax return for the previous fiscal year citing 2017 stated that he “earned” $11 million in adjusted gross income, an estimated $4.6 million in 2018, and $985,233 in 2019. The Daily Mail attached an explainer showing Biden’s unexplained income:

The Biden family and its sketchy overseas dealings have been repeatedly scrutinized by Republicans in Congress, and Republican Senator Ron Johnson gave the Daily Mail his thoughts on their report.

When will the corporate media start doing their job, and ask President Biden these questions?” Johnson asked, “and when will President Biden start being honest with the American public? The American people deserve the truth.” 

The many scandals coming from Hunter’s laptop will certainly hit the spotlight if the Republicans take over the House and Senate in the fall, as numerous conservative lawmakers have promised to investigate the Biden family.

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  1. The “Truth” is already out. Does anyone believe a word from the Biden family? We all know that this family is as corrupt—but with much less honor—than any criminal organization on Planet Earth. What is the American justice system waiting for to indict, prosecute, and incarcerate these posers?

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