Liberals Shriek “Keep Masking” Despite Evidence Proving Grave Harm


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Leftists are hysterically demanding that mask mandates stay in place. Because, clearly, they prevented the spread of Covid-19 so well. Here are a few leftist demands to keep a mandate for masking, despite the fact that masks don’t stop the spread of Covid, they cause many other problems, and Covid-19 has about a 99% survival rate anyway:

“BREAKING: Once again demonstrating leadership by example, President Biden decides to continue requiring masks aboard Air Force One in accordance with the CDC after a Trump judge struck down the lifesaving national mask mandate for flying. RT TO THANK BIDEN FOR LEADING BY EXAMPLE!” —Occupy Democrats

“Today a federal judge called it overreach for US health officials to require masks on airplanes & other public transit, and no matter how you feel about masks, you should be really, really concerned that the Courts are effectively taking away power from the federal government.” —MA state Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa (I wonder if she was just as concerned when leftist cities openly flouted federal laws on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities under Pres. Trump?)

“The decision by the young Trump-appointed federal judge ending the mask mandate in travel shows the federal judiciary has turned into the Senate. Democratic and Republican judges live in different worlds and rule differently.” —CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin (I bet he wasn’t so upset about both Republican and Democrat judges refusing to hear cases about the egregious Democrat 2020 election fraud)

“F[*]ck @SouthwestAir – Halfway through our flight, they announced no more mask mandate. All the digusting pro-covid and pro-Trump assholes started cheering and every dirty pro-disease flight attedat took off their masks.” —@Tamara

“The swiftness w/ which these various companies, agencies, etc have dropped m*sk mandates…makes you wonder if they really care about their workers or customers.” —Oni Blackstock, Physician and Health Justice Director

“I will not be flying @AlaskaAir until they reinstate public safety measures against #COVID19. #boycottAlaskaAir.” —Epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding (the man is constantly and hysterically fear-mongering about Covid online)

There are plenty of other violent and emotional reactions, but the point is that masking is scientifically not only ineffective against Covid, but actually medically dangerous. As someone with breathing problems, I can tell you from personal experience that masking is really bad for you—but you don’t have to have medical problems to develop grave issues from having your oxygen restricted. The latter restriction is particularly bad for children. So here’s just some of the science to back that up.

A German study (which included an evaluation of over 40 other studies) from April 2021, available on the NIH website, found “relevant adverse effects of masks in numerous disciplines.” The study noted numerous concerning effects of masking, including those related to a drop in oxygen:

In this paper, we refer to the psychological and physical deterioration as well as multiple symptoms described because of their consistent, recurrent and uniform presentation from different disciplines as a Mask-Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES). We objectified evaluation evidenced changes in respiratory physiology of mask wearers with significant correlation of O2 drop and fatigue (p < 0.05), a clustered co-occurrence of respiratory impairment and O2 drop (67%), N95 mask and CO2 rise (82%), N95 mask and O2 drop (72%), N95 mask and headache (60%), respiratory impairment and temperature rise (88%), but also temperature rise and moisture (100%) under the masks. Extended mask-wearing by the general population could lead to relevant effects and consequences in many medical fields [emphasis added].”

Even one Japanese study that seemed overall pro-mask from October 2020 concluded: “IMPORTANCE Airborne simulation experiments showed that cotton masks, surgical masks, and N95 masks provide some protection from the transmission of infective SARS-CoV-2 droplets/aerosols; however, medical masks (surgical masks and even N95 masks) could not completely block the transmission of virus droplets/aerosols even when sealed.” Even medical masks could not block the transmission of virus droplets—which means flimsy paper or cloth masks certainly cannot. And why use a mask that will not fully protect you when Covid-19 is so highly survivable and the masks cause all kinds of other problems? Wearing masks isn’t worth it.

From the UK Daily Mail: “COVID rules are blamed for 23% dive in young children’s development: Disturbing study shows scores in three key cognitive tests slumped between 2018 and 2021, with face mask rules among possible culprits. . .The report found that there was a 23 per cent drop in scores measuring kids’ intelligence quotients since the start of the pandemic.”

In Sept. 2021, Dr. Kevin Stillwagon gave remarks to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners that included the following statements:

“That mask, that you keep insisting that people wear, decreases the amount of oxygen in your lung tissue. We now know that this virus uses something called a furin cleavage site to merge with your lung tissue to infect you. And it works better with decreased oxygen. . .And peer-reviewed research clearly shows that wearing a mask increases your chances of getting an upper respiratory infection. . .this shot that you insist on people getting gives you absolutely no protection against infection. . .The shot decreases the ability of your innate immune system to keep viruses out. . .You, sir, are in violation of the United States Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.”

Stillwagon certainly isn’t the only medical expert to slam masking or oxygen restriction, however. In Nov. 2020, two medical experts wrote about the dangers of restricted oxygen, “poor oxygen delivery to the developing brain, ultimately lead[s] to motor and cognitive deficits.” In Jan. 2022, a Florida therapist said she had seen a 364% increase in the number of children with speech delays in 2021, an increase that she linked to facemasks.

Meanwhile, “a study out of Rhode Island in August 2021 uncovered that kids conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic have substantially reduced perceptual capacity than their pre-pandemic equivalents.” Mask-covered adult faces do impact children.  The researchers reportedly wrote, “Across all measures, we found cognitive scores were significantly reduced during the pandemic by 27 to 37 points (or almost two full standard deviations).”Furthermore, the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child wrote in 2010 about how “early exposure to circumstances that produce persistent fear and chronic anxiety can have lifelong effects on brain architecture.” Anxiety disorders, PTSD, trauma, etc. are usually linked to or due to fear—and the whole fuel behind masking, what masking is a psychological symbol of, is fear. Children who are forced to mask are being trained constantly, even without words, to be afraid.

But it’s not just children who can develop anxiety disorders or depression—adults can too, if they are conditioned to be afraid. And again, that’s just what masks do. Mask mandates are deliberately causing psychological problems in people, as the German study cited above noted—but then again, the mandates were never about health. They were about control.

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