BIDEN & OBAMA: I thought the motto was, “If we save even one life?”


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Reported by Fox News, the homicide rate in Los Angeles, not far from my home, has gone up 250%. In one week.

Yes. You read that right. Two-hundred-and-fifty percent increase in ONE WEEK. Not One Month. Not One Year. Not One Decade.

One. Week.

So, then, Governor Cuomo, Joe Biden, and the Entire Democratic Party should be 1000% on board with President Trump enacting Title 10 and the Insurrection Act of 1807 to send in federal troops to quell these riots raging across Our Country.

Because all the military has to do is save one life. That’s the threshold set by Democrats. Not the threshold set by Republicans. Or President Trump. But by Democrats. 

So then, Mr. President, it is time to invoke the Insurrection Act because, now, the evidence and data support the Democrats standard for policy and decision making. Democrat Elite support for invoking the Act must be so strong and the reason so just, because a lot more than one life has been lost due to these insurrections.

A 250% increase in homicides, over one week! That’s a lot more than one life lost in Los Angeles. And this isn’t the only place it is happening. It’s happening in my home county of Orange County. Never have I heard of people being gunned down in Irvine or Lake Forest, but I heard about those earlier this week. Those were lives who could have been saved had federal troops quelled the riots 60 miles away from these tragic and senseless deaths.

Our topic of discussion for today is actually an open letter: 

So, Biden, Democrats, et. al., what are your takes? You have said already said it, too. If it only saves *one* life, the cause is worth it.

Tell that, now, to the families of these homicide victims.

Words Have Meanings. Sentences Have Structures. Statements Have Purpose.

It’s ironic, or funny, one thing I will never forget from my Contract Law class during my first semester at Seton Hall University School of Law, with Professor Caraballo and his “oh hot hoo-ha ha”s, is a vitally important paragraph from a case brief. Unfortunately, the name of the case escapes me, but I’ll paraphrase, and if anyone wants the case, let me know and I’ll go find the case cite and paragraph. (DM on Twitter, preferably. Linked in at the end of the article in my bio)

The paragraph, essentially, said that words have meanings. And when they are used in conjunction together, they create sentences. These sentences, and the words, grammar, structure, inter alia, create a statement which has a meaning. These statements are used to convey a purpose, i.e., the sum total of the words, sentences, and the way they are all configured together. Thus, when people write or speak, they are conveying purposeful messages that have a specific meaning because of the structure of the statements.

It sounds like common sense. That’s because it is. Common sense isn’t as common as many people think. Psychology, explained very well in the book Win Bigly, By Scott Adams, has found that people act irrationally 90% of the time, even though they believe they are acting rationally. This is called a state of cognitive dissonance. People then act irrationally, which is usually in conflict with their beliefs. People also believe they act rationally in important decisions, such as buying a house, but a majority of people do not. This creates uncertain risks because a proper analysis of all the factors was not done.

Essentially, a majority of people lack self-awareness sometimes. This is not to say the same people every single time, but within individual decision making and transactions, among other things. Trust me, we all have done it. I know I have in many points and times in my life, I’m not perfect, far from it. Every day is a struggle to be better. But that’s the glory of it all—the suffering to become what you already are, which is what you believe yourself to be. No one else. And everyone is capable of change if they only believe they can. You are your own thoughts. 

Thus, because we all at sometimes throughout our decision-making processes lack self-awareness, and maybe lose focus while reading, we think we act objectively in line with our beliefs.

So, Uncle Joe or Middle-Class Joe, or Proletariat Joe, whatever you’re being called lately, what is it going to be? Were the innocent lives lost over the last two weeks due to these horrific and destructive riots not worth saving at any cost? Only COVID-19 patients are allowed to be saved at any cost?

Interesting. Sounds quite, discriminatory. Or racist, depending on what lives are being disproportionally lost due to these riots—that the Democrats are… supporting! The Democratic Party does have a long history of racism. A very, very, very long history of it. That’s what happens when you discriminate by group, not individuals. Seems as if tribalism is turning into political cannibalism. Good job, what’s that saying about playing games? 

Seems to me, that based on the statements, interviews, tweets, articles, etc., of the Entire Democratic Party and Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, they would ALL agree with President Trump if he were to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to quell these riots raging across our country. 

Is anyone really going to believe them when they say the greatest, most skilled, and most powerful military in the entire world won’t save just one life by putting an end to all these riots? How many World Wars have we won, again? How’s ISIS doing? 

Vanilla ISIS is still up and running around wreaking havoc. They’re setting up “autonomous zones” in cities. Vanilla ISIS is claiming to be the “police.” Like, you know, the Gestapo. Who are the people supporting these rioters, the ones setting up their own police forces and claiming sovereign United States Land? 

Isn’t that what ISIS or ISIL did in the Middle East? What, we’re going to allow ANTIFA to do it here, and send all of our troops and resources to help countries, not ours? What kind of double standard is that?

(Disclaimer for the future when CNN and Dems call me a Warhawk or a “radical” law-and-order conservative adviser—I’m NOT saying go to war with Vanilla ISIS—they are still Americans. Hopefully, that’ll do it, but I doubt it. We all know their games.) 

These insurrections cannot persist. Enough is enough. There are too many American lives at risk during these riots. These are happening in all major cities; there is potentially half the country near somewhere under ANTIFA “rule” and are in danger nearby, because ANTIFA is not just staying in those cities, they’re on the move. I’ve seen it in my own county. Most of us have. Innocent people have died. 

Aren’t we all tired of the senseless deaths and violence? What does any of this have to do with George Floyd? I’ll say it. You’re intellectually deficient in some areas if you believe destroying someone else’s life or worse… taking it is a moral, smart, and good decision for social “justice.” What comes around goes around. But ANTIFA probably wouldn’t know that they didn’t know the other adage either. 

Last week, Vanilla ISIS was bestowed their rightful title as a Terrorist Organization. Now what? They want to become designated Traitors and Invaders too?

Like, how many dumb games is Vanilla ISIS going to play? It seems their objective is to win stupid prizes. So, let them. I’d be put in jail if I went out to a bar and got into a fistfight. But throwing a Molotov Cocktail into the bar would apparently be condoned by the Democratic Party as a “protest.” Okay. Great logic we’re using here, Democrats. Great, great logic.

Backing up a bit: for the love of God… an argument that our military would not do an amazing job or even a great job would be skeptical… at best, and I’m really giving anyone who believes that the BOTD. That’s a statement that almost deserves some tin-foil-hat-time it’s so wildly skeptical on its face. “No, this white printer paper is not white printer paper. Sorry. Nope.” Okay…?

Didn’t our government hide what was going on in Vietnam, Iraq, and the Middle East? Oh, that’s right.

How on earth would President Trump and his Administration be able to hide from us what the Federal Military is doing to put down these insurrections? You can see it with your own eyes. It’s Everywhere, Instagram, Facebook, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, National Review, The Young Turks, WSJ—everywhere. Whoever tries to convince us differently of what we saw with our own eyes would be quite Stalin-esque (he made people literally disappear from photographs. Google it. I am not making this up).

So, Mr. President, do not fear, the Democrats and Joe Biden already agree with the invocation of the Insurrection Act, based on the statements they have already made. “If it only saves one life, we must do all that is necessary!”

Most importantly, so do 58% of registered voters. That sounds like a 1984 President Ronald Reagan-esque WIN to me.

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