Dear America: This too shall pass.


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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It’s evident that you’re hurting right now. When we go through tough times, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re struggling and it’s evidently clear as to why. The future looks grim, and it seems like the America we once knew is fading away. Riots are becoming normality, power-hungry governors are taking advantage of a good crisis, and they want to get rid of law enforcement completely. It seems that our future looks dangerous. But as an American, we have to remember every time the future looked grim and how we powered through. We have to remember who we are as a people. We have to remember what our country was founded on.

America, the future doesn’t look bright but we know from history that our country is worth fighting for. The United States of America was founded on the idea that all men are created equal, and that we all have fundamental rights. We have a right to free speech, we have a right to bear arms, we have freedom of religion. The beautiful thing about America is that we were raised on freedom but our freedom was always fought for. Men and women have fought and died so that we as a people could live free. 

When the future seems hollow and dark, and when you face sleepless nights and every alley seems like a bottomless pit of darkness, you may question why it’s so important to fight for your nation and your American values. You might question and start wondering if it’s worth it. Why would it be when car bombings, pandemics, riots, and suicides invade your television screen, or you are mocked for your beliefs? It’s troubling and it’s a hard fight, but it’s worth it. 

When pushed beyond endurance, and when your mind and body are forced to see new heights of tribulation, you see courage and strength that you never thought was possible. America, the answer is clear. We fight for every fellow American that stands among us. We fight so that men and women from either side of the aisle will see that no matter how hard it gets, America will somehow always survive and come out stronger. America is worth fighting for because freedom is worth defending. Our country is strong and we have proven time and time again that we fight hard to defend her. 

American, it’s okay if you’re feeling down but don’t let that darkness keep you from getting up and defending the nation that you love. Don’t let it stop you from sharing truth and what our nation was truly founded on. The mainstream media and everyone who stands behind it will tell you that we need a new America, and our country would be better under socialistic ideology. But don’t fall for it. Fight against it and stand up for truth. Stand up for the constitution and the bill of rights and defend our great country. She deserves to be fought for. We are courageous and we live in the land of the free because of the brave.

The great miracle of America is that we do not use our powers to take away the freedom of others, as is the pattern of other nations throughout history. Freedom rings in America. Don’t let it be stripped away because those in power are hungry for control. America should never be a country under tyranny. Whether it is communism, socialism, or fascism, it is still tyranny and America would not survive if we let her become a tyrannical nation. Propaganda is a force that has taken over, and tyranny is trying but here’s the good news. Propaganda will ultimately fail, and we see it happening before our very eyes. People eventually lose confidence and stop believing it, and perhaps, we are seeing this happen in our nation now more than ever before. But this isn’t the end. There are still so many people who believe that America shouldn’t stand. 

But America, our nation deserves to stand and we will come out stronger and braver because we stood our ground and fought for our freedom. Things will get back to normal but the road between now and then will be long and dangerous.

Until that time comes, stand up, speak truth, and don’t give up.

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  1. Dear Kara – I admire your optimism, though I’m not sure I share it.

    The current propaganda has cowered even those who we would expect to be defending American core values – like the ideas that a) all human lives have equal value – all lives matte,r and b) our rights are divinely given, as humans are imago dei – in the image of God.

    The latest two decisions by the “conservative” SCOTUS basically saying that a) our right to worship is not essential and that b) we must accept certain lifestyle choices or possibly lose our livelihoods – our pursuit of happiness – show more than ever that elections have consequences, and that we of similar mind need to be fighting every day and twice on Sunday to spread our message as far and as wide as possible.

    For my thoughts on American core values, I’d be interested to get your take on my thoughts on that issue. You can find my essay here:

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