BIDEN: Shady Business, Back Door Deals, & MSM Blackouts


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“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Joe Biden, 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate.

“How are you guys getting away with this? Aren’t you concerned [about Joe Biden and his potential presidential run]?” Tony Bobulinski, speaking about his prior conversation with Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Plausible Deniability.” Jim Biden’s response to Tony. 

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!

It seems we can add to the list of Joe Biden’s lies the top quote used in today’s column. And this lie of Jobless Joe should be at the top of the list of lies he has proclaimed—quite the long list. Ironically, one thing he was finally honest about yesterday at a campaign event was admitting to a group of his supporters that he was, definitely, going to raise their taxes. Which, should not be a shock to anyone with an ounce of common sense. He and Kamala have gone on record, at the debates and elsewhere, they want to repeal the Trump Tax Cuts. 

To those of us with common sense and an ability to critically analyze—and read the difference between the prior marginal tax rates and the Trump Tax Rates—rates were cut for the first brackets of the lower incomes, and then raised for those considered in that darn one percent. Not only did the Trump Tax Cuts lower the tax burden for those in the lower and middle classes, but also created the greatest American Economy on record, where the first time it has ever occurred there were more job openings than people looking for jobs—that is, a true competitive labor market. And, as economics can tell you beforehand, this would increase wages. 

Which, those in the lower- and middle-income brackets saw the highest wage growth under Trump’s Economy. Where, under Biden/Obama economy, the higher wage earners saw the most growth and expanded the inequality wealth gaps. That dang wealth inequality gap Obama/Biden/Kamala, the Democrat Establishment, AOC, Sanders, the Radical Left, etc. claim to despise so much. From the record, it seems that the group of people so absolutely against the wealth inequality in America are the exact ones who either A) have no idea how to shrink that gap or B) have other motives, or C) have no idea what they are talking about. Or D) All of the Above. 

I digress, our topic of discussion for today is not about my favorite subject, economics. 

Our topic of discussion for today is about the very, very, very important revelations regarding the Biden, Biden, and Biden (BBB) business dealings with foreign governments—and the man they hired to help them actually be able to properly conduct business—a man with a plethora of evidence: Tony Bobulinski. (Oddly, BBB is a low grade, risky bond, makes sense.)

Though Jobless Joe Biden, Crack-Pipe-&-FJ Hunter Biden, and Jim Biden—all three of them—have literally zero successful private business experience, they were all able to secure such, lucrative, business deals. Odd. Jobless Joe has literally spent his entire life in public “service” for forty-seven years—with all of his salaries funded by you and me—and has never actually held a private job, ever since he graduated near-last from a low-tier law school. 

I wish it was as easy for me as it is for Hunter Biden to secure $1 billion in investment. Ironically, I have a lot more successful business experience than Hunter, which seems not to be very high of a threshold, I guess. And unlike Hunter, I would actually know what to do with billions in investment, instead of blowing it on, well, blow and hookers. Especially in this economy and where it is heading. And if my type of honesty is too much for you, I am only reporting the facts, the truth is sometimes difficult to deal with. 

But hey, who is counting? Things must be really easy when daddy was Veep of the most powerful country the world has ever known. Okay, that is enough of my own personal grievances. Back to our topic. 

Tony Bobulinski, a successful businessman, an international one at that, is the one the Biden Cabal…sorry, my bad, I mean Biden Family… hired to help them in these engagements. It seems that the international business expert the Biden family hired to actually be able to conduct and do proper business for their would-have-been politically gained foreign business enterprises was for some reason.

Tony Bobulinski is a retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant (thanks for your service, Tony). He was asked by the Biden Family to help them in their “business” dealings. Tony is a successful businessman, unlike BBB. So it makes sense they went to hire an expert. 

Tony, unfortunately, has been attacked by our retired deep state/national security officials as being a Russian asset. I am sure we have all heard enough of American Patriots being “Russian assets” over the past three years. Moreover, a part of this letter is former CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper—two people who have been caught lying to…Congress. Clapper and Brennan are as credible as the belief that it is a good idea to eat sushi from a 7/11 in Wyoming or that I can sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. 

Of course, for the cherry-on-top, Adam Schiff, Russia’s biggest promoter, has come out on the record over at CNN on Wolf Blitzer’s show proclaiming that Tony is a “Russian asset from the Kremlin” and a part of a Russian misinformation program. Anyone who still believes Schiff should check into the nearest mental hospital, just my opinion. Moreover, Shifty Schiff has been publicly accusing Tony of treason—just like he did Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Seems someone, Schiff, is diverting, distracting, and detracting from the man in the mirror.

Regardless, Tony told Rob Walker, the Biden Family representative, that if Schiff did not retract his statement, he would go on the record, because he felt it was his patriotic duty and his family—full of fifty years of military service—was being dragged through the mud by our corrupt swampy DC establishment. Well, as we can tell, Schiff did not, he doubled down, and Tony went on record. More importantly, the Biden’s have been silent on this matter while Joe hides in a basement.

Funny, if none of this was true, none of the emails, texts, and accusations, it would be easy to counter Tony’s evidence, claims, and assertions. That is how evidence works. I mean, even with politics, too, all it would take is Biden, Biden, and Biden going on the record and denying Tony’s claims, evidence, and accusations. But we have not seen any of that, have we? Odd.

Quite peculiar, indeed. 

Tony had top-secret clearance and has traveled all over the world with Hunter and Jim helping them in their daddy’s dealings. This is what we would call first-hand knowledge. Tony, moreover, when reaching out to Rob Walker about all of what is going on, has a recorded phone call with Rob where Rob asked Tony to “bury [everything Tony would say out on the record]” or it was going to bury Biden, Biden, and Biden. What an odd thing to ask and say if none of it was true. Interesting.

It’s almost like asking an accomplice to hide the murder weapon(s).

Tony went on to even say that Hunter and Jim had dealings in Oman, Luxembourg, and Romania. Where has all of this been in the Main Stream Media? I thought it was just Ukraine and China. Weird. Almost as if the Main Stream Media has a motive. 

One time, while Tony was in Monaco, Hunter asked him to have a meeting and Tony left his family to meet Hunter. He waited for two hours and continued to contact Hunter to see where he was. Hunter, the next day, over text (that is… verifiable evidence), essentially screamed at him and was very, very, very angry at Tony because Hunter was trying to salvage his “only source of income” with the owner of the Ukrainian Oil Company, Burisma, about some deal in Kazakhstan. Woah. Kazakhstan? That is some new information coming to light.  Which, light, from what I hear, is the best disinfectant. 

Tony went on to tell Tucker Carlson that the Biden, Biden, and Biden business dealings around the globe were “very extensive” and far-reaching. He went on the record to discuss how the text messages involving “The Chairman” from Hunter to Tony were about Joe Biden. No one in the Biden, Biden, and Biden Cabal Family has come out to refute these claims. And Tony even has text messages and emails (which have been published) from Rob Walker, where Rob, transparently, admits that The Chairman is Joe Biden, the one Hunter was referring to. 

Thanks, Rob, for all the honesty, we truly appreciate it, love the American People.

I write about this, extensively, because Joe Biden has gone on record for years discussing that he had no knowledge of his son or brother’s business dealings and was in no way involved in them. If he is going to lie to the American public about not being involved with his family’s successful attempts to become rich off the fact Jobless Joe was once Veep of the United States, what else is he going to be or has been lying to us about? This seems like a pretty major ordeal, one the Main Stream Media should gladly pick up—if only Jobless Joe Biden had an ® next to his name, maybe things would be different. Such great journalism. Regardless, the American People have thought it as such, and we are here to deliver.

Moreover, Schiff, Schumer, Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, et al have attempted to accuse the Trumps about benefiting financially off of the presidency, but it is well on record their family has lost money and lost net worth since Donald J. Trump has become President of the United States. Seems odd that a family would lose money and have a lower net worth if they were supposed to be benefiting financially? Those are just facts, and they do not care about your feelings.

Lastly, Tony remembers asking Jim Biden one time about whether Jim had any concerns about the Biden, Biden, and Biden business dealings and the potential affect they could have on Joe Biden’s future presidential run. 

Jim Biden apparently laughed and said, “plausible deniability.”

Funny. Plausible deniability is the ability of people, typically senior officials or officers in a chain of command, to be able to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a “lack” or “absence of evidence” that can confirm their participation in. 

You know what plausible deniability would be in Biden, Biden, and Biden’s situation? 

Calling Joe Biden, The Chairman or the Big Guy. And Joe Biden never having any direct contact with Tony and the others in the business dealings. Emphasize on direct.

Good thing, however, the American People, as Grand Jury in this case, are smarter than BBB.

You know what plausible deniability’s first cousin is?

Willful ignorance. Which is the state of being presented enough facts and evidence that a reasonable person should and would investigate the matters to see if there are any problems or any issues that that person should become aware of—yet because of the benefits or whatever other motives, such as profit, denies the opportunity they are presented to investigate the matter further, because of their own benefits, such as PornHub remains about the horrors of human trafficking and their websites involvement in the global market. Willful ignorance in many crimes is punishable under the criminal laws of the United States and the Sovereign States.

I rest my case.

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