ICYMI: ‘Can I Change My Vote’ Trends on Google After Final Debate


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Following the second and final presidential debate, “Can I change my vote,” trended heavily on Google, and a search for states where voters can change their vote surged on Google. The search terms came after the final debate in Nashville Tennesse, where President Trump destroyed Joe Biden’s connections to his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, and Ukraine.

President Trump tweeted,  Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is can I change my vote? This refers to me, the answer in most states is YES. Go do it. Most Important election of your life!”

Joe Biden’s Son Hunter has been under scrutiny the last month for his business dealings with the Communist Chinese government and his dealings in the Ukraine where his father was on video bragging that he had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

The search term is significant because 62 million voters have already cast their votes in early voting states as some states have made it significantly easier for voters to cast their ballot without having to worry about election day. However, there are states where you can change your vote, which include New York, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Mississippi, Idaho, Arkansas, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Each state has its own rules where voters can either fill out forms or change their vote in person.

The search term spiked following the debate hitting its peak early Tuesday morning around 8:00 am.

Early voting has been a barometer in recent presidential elections to see how motivated each side is to get out to the polls.

‘Change your vote’ on Google Trends:

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