VIDEO: Did Joe Biden Just Try to Shake Hands With NO ONE?


joe biden shaking hands with nobody on stage in jerusalem
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Joe Biden made a gesture that appeared as if he shook hands with a ghost after a recent speech in Israel. 

The president of the United States finished delivering an address before an audience in Israel when he turned to his right and placed his hand in a handshake-like motion. Another man on stage directed him toward his seat and sat with him after the speech. Whether or not he did attempt to shake hands with nobody is a mystery – leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Do you think he shook hands with nobody? Comment below after watching.

Both conservative and liberal Twitter users weighed in on the president’s actions: 

Some equated this to a situation with dementia: 

Liberals were quick to defend their president: 

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President Biden had his share of odd, scary and interesting moments during his visit in Jerusalem. RNC Research reported on a coughing fit he had during remarks during an East Jerusalem visit. 

He also announced he would be “donating 1 million doses of COVID-19 to the West Bank and Gaza”. 

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Biden also got lost while walking of stage (again). 

The president has had his share of gaffes, which according to some sources and opinions, have been getting worse with time.

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biden teleprompter mistake

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