Biden’s New Intel Advisor Had ‘ACUTE MENTAL BREAKDOWN’ After Trump’s 2016 Victory


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President Joe Biden has appointed Brown University ‘scientist’ Kim Cobb to his Intelligence Advisory Board. Cobb, who frequently visits mainstream media shows as a “climate expert,” is a far-left climate radical who “could not get out of bed” when Donald Trump clinched four years in the White House.

After Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, she reportedly even had an ‘acute mental health crisis,’ according to the Free Beacon.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Meet the Liberal Climate Scientist Biden Tapped to Serve on His Intelligence Advisory Board

President Joe Biden’s latest addition to a prestigious board of intelligence advisers is a liberal climate scientist who said she experienced an “acute mental health crisis” and “could not get out of bed” following the 2016 election of former president Donald Trump.

Biden on Thursday tapped Brown University climate scientist Kim Cobb to serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, the White House announced in a press release. While past presidents have used the board to probe high-profile national security threats and intelligence failures, it’s unclear whether Cobb will be able to stomach such sensitive and unsettling information.

That’s because the mere news of Trump’s upset win in 2016 sent Cobb into “an acute mental health crisis” that for weeks saw her unable to “get out of bed, despite having four children to tend to…

The Free Beacon referenced a 2019 story about Cobb from far-left-wing outlet Mother Jones:

When she saw Donald Trump’s victory, she felt shock and soon descended into severe depression. “I had the firm belief that Washington would act on climate change and would be acting soon,” the 44-year-old Cobb says. “When Trump was elected, it came crashing down.”…

Back home in Atlanta, Cobb entered what she now calls “an acute mental health crisis.” Most mornings, she could not get out of bed, despite having four children to tend to. She would sob spontaneously. She obsessed about the notion that the US government would take no action to address climate change and confront its consequences. “I could not see a way forward,” she recalls. “My most resounding thought was, how could my country do this?

Now, Cobb will apparently be advising Joe Biden on critical decisions regarding intelligence and the so-called climate emergency.


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  1. She certainly seems to be mentally and emotionally fragile enough to fit right in with the current administration. They are all worthless and weak.

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