BIG UPDATE: Mar-a-Lago Cams Caught FBI Behaving Illegally, Says Trump


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Monday, Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in an unprecedented move from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

Conservatives and Democrats have spoken out against the raid, calling it a partisan weaponization of the United States Justice Department.

Updates and statements have poured in since the raid, and one of the former President’s sons has now come forward and publicly stated that Mar-a-Lago’s surveillance cameras caught the FBI behaving improperly.

At first, it was thought that Trump’s team turned off the resort’s cameras in compliance with the Bureau’s order to turn them off during the search.

However, Eric Trump claims that the cameras were kept on – and the FBI was caught red-handed going into areas they shouldn’t. He also suggested that Trump’s legal team was not given a copy of the warrant.

Newsweek reports:

Eric Trump said that the security cameras at Mar-a-Lago caught FBI agents behaving improperly during Monday’s raid, alleging that investigators were accessing parts of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence that they “shouldn’t have been.”

In an interview with, Eric Trump said that because staff refused to turn off the surveillance cameras at the request of the FBI, the Mar-a-Lago cameras captured agents raiding areas that they weren’t authorized to.

The FBI just raided President Trump’s home. Do you stand with Trump?

The FBI just raided President Trump’s home. Do you stand with Trump?

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“There’s 30 agents there,” he recalled on Wednesday. “They told our lawyer…’You have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras.’”

Eric Trump said that the FBI refused to give Trump’s lawyer, Christina Bobb, a copy of the search warrant but “showed it to her from about 10 feet away,” reported. He also said he would be “thrilled” to find out if there was a valid reason for the search.


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  1. Bill, drink much koolaide lately? Only a misinformed goose would make such comments! You are off the mark on every point you puked out there. Crawl back under the rock you came from snake!

  2. This is the man of over 30,000 lies while in office. Twice impeached, only GOP intransigence saved him from actually losing both impeachment trials (in both several GOP senators voted against Trump). His efforts from the beginning of and throughout the pandemic were absolutely abysmal. His actions cozing up to dictators Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Erdogan, et al was in itself disgraceful and bordering on criminal. His degradation of support from our Allie’s, particularly NATO was particularly dangerous to the security of the USA. His efforts t overturn the results of the 2020 election by refusing to accept the results (The “Big Lie”, over 60 court cases that were all thrown out for complete lack of anything resembling evidence, attempting to suborn State officials directly – re: Georgia and Arizona) of the election loss, and his actions and involvement before, during and after in the 6Jan insurrection ARE criminal. Over 20 personal sexual predator coutcases are outstanding against him. This is who you are supporting?

    1. You’re not just a moron but a really stupid one. Did you go to school to learn that or were you born that way.

    2. I had to read what your wrote, twice I can’t believe you don’t understand what is happening in America since your hero Joe came into power, it is NOT good. wake up!

  3. Trump had to fight every step he took when was in office before and it is starting again. I cannot understand how the democrats can get away with every crime in the book and not have to answer for it.

  4. Washington establishment but mostly the left are taking this country toward communism. What they are doing is not even socialist, Biden and his crew must have taken lessons from China dictatorship
    We must make sure these people will be voted out or we will loose our freedom 🇱🇷
    Obama said he was going to change America I believe he still at it. 😡

    1. Amen!! But how do go about doing that when we all know the Dems will do whatever it takes to “fix” things in the mid terms in favor of their party?

  5. “Amen” to Bed Gissler! We are absolutely horrified, but not surprised to see how low the Deep State and the Dems can go to have their political narrative come to fruition. It really IS terrifying. God have mercy on our wonderful country under such demonic attack. “We have strayed like lost sheep” way beyond God’s safe boundaries for us.

  6. I believe President Trump is God’s man for such a time as this. I think a BIG fall is coming for the democrats, Rhinos and far left. I believe God has already won the war between Heaven and Hell and he hold’s President Trump and his family in the palm of his hand. Satan does not have a chance!!!

    1. Hope you are right. If not, our country is in line for becoming a communist country. Just listen to what Merrick Garland had to say today. He speaks of fair and equal treatment—I see no signs of that anywhere. DOJ would be better served to go after the criminal Biden family and revisit both Clintons for all their crimes AS WELL AS the Obamas. Neither the Clintons nor the Obamas had wealth before they went into politics and I know of no one who has amassed the fortunes either of them has since then. How about that Garland???? Go look into that before you continue on your witch hunt to find ways to bring down Trump.

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