Bill Gates BOUGHT the Media. Here’s How Much He Donates to Each ‘News’ Organization. (LIST)


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Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates is like an octopus, with his tentacles in every part of government, culture, and society around the world, particularly through his Gates Foundation.  A list of grants and awards from the Gates Foundation for 75 media outlets, representing tens of millions (at the least) worth of dollars funneled into the media by Bill Gates, has been circulating in the last month.

I have been able to confirm at least one grant from the Gates Foundation to every one of these outlets, based on the Gates Foundation website or the sites themselves. While multiple other (non-mainstream) outlets have reported on this list, they have not necessarily highlighted exactly how dangerous this is.

In the modern technological age, especially since Covid, people are constantly taking in media—and it matters greatly who is providing the information, and what they are saying.  For instance, I know people with terrible Covid vaccine injuries who rely on more mainstream media or the common societal narrative and so never knew ahead of time that the vaccine could be dangerous.

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The murder suspect in the horrific Waukesha massacre had been repeating violent, BLM-style rhetoric for years, the sort of stuff you hear on Joy Reid or Antifa posters.  A Media Research Center survey found that 4.6% of Biden voters would not have voted for Joe had they known about his and his son Hunter’s corrupt financial dealings with China.

Media narratives have real-world impacts, often for the worse.  The outlets funded by Gates are from across the globe and cover a wide variety of areas, including education, health, politics, culture, and more.  CNN, NPR, BBC, The Guardian, Le Monde, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, PBS, and The Poynter Institute are among the highly influential and/or famous outlets Gates has funded.

Another of the news outlets Gates funded (Caixin) is based in China, where media is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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This represents a massive amount of influence that radical globalist Gates exercises over the information stream the entire world is getting.  Even if Gates does not give a grant to these outlets every year, they are beholden to him, and they will be inclined to produce a narrative favorable to what he wants people to believe.

As a concrete example, I was able to find articles from 22 of these 75 Gates-funded outlets (that makes about 29% of the outlets) either ridiculing or downplaying the Wuhan lab leak theory for the origin of Covid-19, a theory which even many leftist outlets and politicians (including the Biden administration) have now admitted is “credible” or “plausible.”  But these outlets bashed the theory as a “conspiracy” as long as it took to discredit Donald Trump in the eyes of many.

Not only that, but many of these sites (which I have verified are many of them leftist and/or globalist) have very positive ratings from NewsGuard, which is supposedly the arbiter of “credibility” online.

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Unsurprisingly, Gates’s Microsoft has a major partnership with NewsGuard (to fight “disinformation,” the leftist keyword for whatever facts don’t fit their narrative).  Thus, Bill Gates is influencing and directing the global news and information stream and simultaneously validating that biased information through support of a supposedly independent source.  Gates is, as it were, both producer and fact-checker.  And this is all easily verifiable, if you look it up—no conspiracies, no secrets.  Obviously Gates thinks he is so omnipotent he does not have to cover for what he is doing.

The full list of media outlets funded by Gates, as found on LinkedIn, with verifying links:

NPR– $24,663,066
The Guardian (including $12,951,391
Cascade Public Media – $10,895,016
Public Radio International ( $7,719,113
The Conversation– $6,664,271
Univision– $5,924,043
Der Spiegel (Germany)- $5,437,294
Project Syndicate– $5,280,186
Education Week – $4,898,240
WETA– $4,529,400
NBCUniversal Media– $4,373,500
Nation Media Group (Kenya) – $4,073,194
Le Monde (France)- $4,014,512
Bhekisisa (South Africa) – $3,990,182
El País – $3,968,184
BBC– $3,668,657
CNN– $3,600,000
KCET– $3,520,703
Population Communications International ( – $3,500,000
The Daily Telegraph – $3,446,801
Chalkbeat – $2,672,491
The Education Post– $2,639,193
Rockhopper Productions (U.K.) – $2,480,392
Corporation for Public Broadcasting – $2,430,949
UpWorthy [Cloud Tiger Media] – $2,339,023
Financial Times – $2,309,845
The 74 Media– $2,275,344
Texas Tribune– $2,317,163
Punch (Nigeria) – $2,175,675
News Deeply – $1,612,122
The Atlantic– $1,403,453
Minnesota Public Radio– $1,290,898
YR Media– $1,125,000
The New Humanitarian– $1,046,457
Sheger FM (Ethiopia) [Adey Tensae Media & Entertainment Plc.] – $1,004,600
Al-Jazeera– $1,000,000
ProPublica– $1,000,000
Crosscut Public Media – $810,000
Grist Magazine– $750,000
Kurzgesagt – $570,000
Educational Broadcasting Corp – $506,504
Classical 98.1 – $500,000
PBS – $499,997
Gannett – $499,651
Mail and Guardian (South Africa)- $492,974
Inside Higher Ed.– $439,910
BusinessDay (Nigeria) – $416,900 – $412,000
Nutopia– $350,000
Independent Television Broadcasting Inc. – $300,000
Independent Television Service, Inc. – $300,000
Caixin Media (China) – $250,000
Pacific News Service – $225,000
National Journal – $220,638
Chronicle of Higher Education – $149,994
Belle and Wissell, Co. $100,000
Media Trust – $100,000
New York Public Radio – $77,290
KUOW – Puget Sound Public Radio – $5,310
International Center for Journalists– $20,436,938
Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria) – $3,800,357
The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting – $2,432,552
Fondation EurActiv Politech – $2,368,300
International Women’s Media Foundation – $1,500,000
Center for Investigative Reporting – $1,446,639
InterMedia Survey Institute – $1,297,545
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – $1,068,169
Internews Network – $985,126
Communications Consortium Media Center – $858,000
Institute for Nonprofit News – $650,021
The Poynter Institute for Media Studies– $382,997
Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria) – $360,211
Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies – $254,500
Global Forum for Media Development (Belgium) – $124,823
Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting – $100,000.

The Gates of hell is prevailing in the information war, and we need to wake up and fight him before more real-world crises occur.

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