BOMBSHELL: Newsmax CEO is Terminating Reporter for Refusing to “Go Easy” on Biden & Psaki, NOT for Anti-Mandate Tweets


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Newsmax has announced that fiery White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson’s contract would not be renewed after this January’s deadline.

Robinson caught heat earlier this year when she tweeted what her soon-to-be-former network thought was an ‘anti-science’ vaccine opinion. Since, she hasn’t been on air at Newsmax and the network has largely kept her out of the limelight. Now, as news of her contract expiration surfaces, many jumped to the conclusion that her vaccine tweet was behind the sudden souring between the two parties.

However, in a rather shocking development, insiders at Newsmax have told RedState that Robinson’s 2022 departure is not even related to her opinions on the vaccine. According to inside sources, the majority of problems between the reporter and her network are rooted in Robinson’s refusal to obey a directive to “go easy on the Biden administration, particularly Jen Psaki” from CEO Chris Ruddy.

Robinson and Psaki have famously duked it out before, and as it turns out, Newsmax’s chief executive has been shielding “little red lying hood” instead of his own employee. You could even go as far as saying that Ruddy wanted Robinson gone EXCLUSIVELY due to her hard-nosed reporting of the Biden administration.

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This news is sure to upset viewers of Newsmax, considered a right-wing news organization. The network garnered mass attention from conservatives during the 2020 election as Fox News failed to hit the right tones and make the right calls.

Townhall’s sources say that Ruddy saw Robinson’s anti vax mandate tweets as a convenient reason to throw her under the bus and make way for James Rosen to take over.

This isn’t the only time Newsmax has alienated its conservative audience in recent months. Just one day after Twitter suspended Robinson for an anti-mandate tweet, Mediaite reported that Newsmax sent an email to all employees denoting that the company would be adhering to Biden’s now-dead mandate:

The conservative news network informed staffers of the move on Thursday, in a staff-wide email obtained by Mediaite. Newsmax cited the implementation of Covid rules by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as its reason for instituting the mandate.

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The company decree requires all employees be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022, or else they will be forced to undergo a weekly Covid test and wear a mask in the office.

“To ensure that we are in compliance, we require that all vaccinated employees submit a copy of their vaccination card,” the email informed staff.

The network’s anchors were ordered to gaslight the audience into believing such a mandate did not exist at the company, but we also confirmed the validity of the email and reported that here.

Another fact mentioned rarely in conservative circles is CEO Chris Ruddy’s GLOWING approval of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate overreach. And here’s where the story starts to get even more interesting. Ruddy has a history of supporting left-wingers when it serves his interests. Here’s a report from a NYT article in 2020:

In 2004, Hillary Clinton was in the Senate and Christopher Ruddy had some making up to do. He was, back then, best known as “the Inspector Clouseau” of the Vince Foster case — a New York Post reporter who had popularized the baseless theory that Mrs. Clinton’s friend, who committed suicide in 1993, had been murdered.

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But it now seemed possible that Mrs. Clinton might run for president, and Mr. Ruddy laid it on pretty thick. Mrs. Clinton was doing “a remarkably and surprising good job for NY as Senator,” he wrote to a mutual friend, former Mayor Ed Koch of New York. “I might not like Hillary’s liberalism, but I don’t dislike her on a personal level — as I do Rudy. Rudy Giuliani is a bad person.”

Ruddy also apparently doesn’t respect his audience’s views, and simply wanted to send them down a profitable rabbit hole, whether the 2020 election was stolen or not. Notice how Newsmax changed its tune on election fraud abruptly this year? Not a coincidence:

But Mr. Ruddy, as those Clinton messages show, is not the sort of true-believing ideologue his viewers may imagine in the foxhole alongside them. He is, rather, perhaps the purest embodiment of another classic television type, the revenue-minded cynic for whom the substance of programming is just a path to money and power.

All successful TV programmers have some mercenary in them, of course, but even by those standards, Mr. Ruddy is extreme. He has turned Newsmax into a pure vehicle for Trumpism….And when Trumpism turned this month from an electoral strategy into a hallucinatory attempt to overturn the election, Mr. Ruddy saw opportunity.

[N]obody I’ve ever covered treats an audience with the blithe disdain of Mr. Ruddy. He has them watching a great story — a thriller, a whodunit — about a stolen election. He thinks they’re stupid enough to fall for it, dumb enough to keep watching even after the fantasy inevitably dissolves, buying the supplements and the books and, crucially, tuning in to channel 1115 in large enough numbers that, eventually, the cable companies will pay him.

Clearly, Ruddy is NOT the hardline conservative he’s acting as. He’s an opportunist, and so is the rest of the c-suite at Newsmax.

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  1. Hey Newsmax, BYE BYE!!! Just as fast as your ratings climbed, they will take a dive. There’s great chatter going on about moving over to One America News. You can’t have it both ways, Newsmax. So long!

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