Billionaire ‘Environmentalist’ Linked to Building Luxury Resort on Protected Wetlands in the Caribbean


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Self proclaimed “environmentalist” billionaire John Paul DeJoria has been linked to building a luxury resort on the Caribbean island of Barbuda. Ironically, DeJoria plans to build his resort on wetlands which are protected by an international treaty.

According to scientists, DeJoria’s resort will destroy local habitats of Hawksbills and the Leatherback Turtles. Both of which are animals on the World Wildlife Funds endangered species list. DeJoria’s resort also has the possibility of destroying local fisheries, as well as displacing dozens of native animal species.

Wednesday, the Global Action League Network filed a complaint against DeJorias company “Peace Love and Happiness.” The complaint was given to the Ramsar Convention, on behalf of the Barbuda Council, which is the governing body for all internal affairs on the island.

John Paul DeJoria is not the only self-proclaimed “environmentalist” who contradicts his own political beliefs. Former Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore has written extensively on climate change, yet he still flies in a private jet. In fact, Pew research found that Al Gore lives one of the most carbon-intensive lifestyles in the United States.

Moreover, Green New Deal co-author and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been spotted multiple times using carbon-based transportation, instead of green alternatives. With all this environmental hypocrisy from the far left, it should not be a surprise when many Americans do not take draconian environmental policies seriously.

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