Identity Politics: How Democrats and Moderates Try to Justify a Stolen Election


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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“By their fruits you shall know them.” – Matthew 7:16

The pernicious philosophy of identity politics has borne some rotten fruit in the past, but the 2020 election steal is one of the biggest and most rotten to date.  Yes, this is a fruit of identity politics.  The whole philosophy that makes the Democrats believe they have the right to steal this election, and which enables Democrat voters and moderate Republicans to justify it, is identity politics.

How so?  Because identity politics masses people into groups based on some superficial similarity and claims that the core of each member of that group’s identity is that superficial similarity.  It encourages the idea that whoever is the “par excellence” instance of that binding superficial similarity, whoever gets to define what being a member of that group means, has the right, the authority, the justified power, to decide who lives up to the group standard—and who does not.  That is, it encourages the philosophy of elitism, that a small group of “experts” know better than the individuals in the group what is best for the group.

This is why white liberals think they have the right to tell black conservatives like Candace Owens and Clarence Thomas that they “aren’t really black.”  This is why Barack Obama could condescendingly explain that he knew Islam better than the practicing Muslim extremists—and felt fully justified in proclaiming to the terrorists that Islam is a religion of peace.

This is why I  was attacked for three weeks on LinkedIn—I said that I don’t think female actresses need the self-righteous help of male actors to succeed in making equal pay.  I believe actresses can prove their talent and eventually make equal pay in movies, just as other marginalized groups such as black actors have succeeded before them (and actresses have already reached that point in many movies, by the way).  You see, the individuals failed to conform—to meet the group standard—to kowtow to whatever the elitist experts said the right standard happens to be.

It is how America voted by a huge margin for Donald J. Trump . . . but the elites decided America just did not know what was good for us.  We’re too stupid.  We’re just the brainwashed lumpenproletariat.  We didn’t behave the way the experts told us to behave, so they, enlightened as they are, need to force us to accept what they perceive we need, even if we don’t think we need it.  Thank God the Democrats and corrupt Republicans are around to force us to accept the right result and to put the truly democratic leader in place.  After all, there’s a certain identity of social justice and freedom that they have defined and that we HAVE to cooperate in, willingly or not.  The elites may have to use some dishonest and devious means to achieve the right end, the end that we plebs should have dutifully produced anyway, but, as good Marxists, these elites believe that the ends justify the means.  

See, identity is how each person perceives and presents himself in relation to reality.  And the Marxists and crazy leftists in Big Tech, Media, Entertainment, Politics, Education, etc., think that they should be able to dictate to us not only of what our identity consists but also what reality is.  They set up a false reality, a Matrix.  And they pump into our brains through our schools, TVs, movies, songs, news, advertising, messages about which identity group we should belong to, how we should behave based on which group they tell us we are in, and how the artificial reality of their making reacts to our assigned identity.  Trump was the Neo who first punched a hole in that fake reality.  We began to see all the programmers for what they were.  So they spent four years trying to destroy Trump, and really thought they had succeeded.

But somehow America managed to unplug from the Matrix.  We rejected their artificial reality, and we rejected their identity politics.  After four years of the most widespread and concerted character assassination in history, President Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide.  He crushed Biden.  So what did the programmers do?  Their reality and identity politics had been rejected—so they decided we idiots were too obstinate to know what was good for us, and they changed the election results to match the result their Matrix of false information ought to have ensured in the first place.  If we won’t willingly cooperate, they’ll force us to cooperate.  Because they know better than we do what reality should look like and what our identities should be.

Take the red pill.  Reject the reality of Pelosi, Cher, Biden, Kamala, and Brian Kemp.  America was founded on the idea that the systems of the past, where one’s identity was defined by one’s parents and social class, were fundamentally flawed.  America was founded specifically to be the land where every individual can choose (within the limits of the reality that exists) his own identity.  And what I mean by that is that, even if you can’t identify as an Asian male if you’re a white female, you can choose if you are Democrat or Republican, or an artist or an architect, or a football or basketball fan, or a fighter or a follower—or any other number of choices.  Each American should get to make his free choices and develop his identity without the elites in any field telling him he doesn’t have that right and what he should be instead.  Every American voter should have the right to choose his commander-in-chief without an elite he has never met having the power to nullify or reverse that vote because he “should’ve known better.”  The American people definitively rejected identity politics in this election and chose President Trump and liberty instead.  Now we have to make sure the identity politicians don’t steal our election from us.  Americans are done being pushed around and coerced and lectured and bullied.  We’re ready to fight.

To the elitists—we know what you’re up to, and we won’t take it lying down anymore.  We want to show the world what you really are and that we’ve turned our backs on you once for all.  This is only the beginning.

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