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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Black lives are being tremendously affected by the rioters and looters who have raged across our country over the past few weeks in more ways than what is being talked about in the Main Stream Media. The detrimental effect of these Democrat-supported riots is a type of pain that will last for generations to come because it took generations to build. So why have these rioters and looters been supported by the Democratic Establishment if they were advocating for the betterment of Black Lives?

If the Democrat Party was so hellbent on the betterment, improvement, and equal treatment of Black Lives, if they thought they mattered, why are the donations to Black Lives Matter funneled to ActBlue, the political and digital financial engine of the left-wing? That is quite the predicament.

These rioters and looters have even now caused California, the most populous state in the United States, to have to shut down again. These rioters and looters were supporters by Democrats. And now the entire State of California must suffer. Many black businesses have been looted, including Lucy Hosley’s Valetine Deli Corp (pictured above).

Other states are seeing the amount of COVID-19 cases spike recently. The damage to small businesses, Main Street, and the total economy so far from the pandemic is already a large obstacle we will overcome. Another lockdown would have devastating effects, especially for Black Lives and their Businesses.

Reported by Wall Street Journal and the National Bureau of Economic Research, the first round of nation-wide shutdowns to business activity wreaked havoc to Black Businesses that will take generations, or the right kind of platform, to properly address the problems we find ourselves facing. From February to April, the number of active Black Business owners fell by 41%.

This still doesn’t account for May 2020, where we saw a full month of more severe restrictions, more people file for unemployment, and data come out showing a 4.8% Q1 contraction in the United States economy’s GDP. That contraction was enough to lose 18,300,000 jobs, or $1.55 Trillion dollars in output. We can only pray for a sharp turnaround since the Democrats in Congress like to hold hostage the American People while they play politics with people’s livelihoods. 

But if the Democrats in Congress are so worried for Black Lives, why are they not also for Black Businesses? Do those not matter? What do Democrats think make up Black Businesses? Black Businesses are Black Lives; both of them matter. 

The study from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that the number of working business owners fell from 15 million in February 2020 to 11.7 million in April 2020, or a drop of 22%.

According to economic history, this shock is unprecedented. Not only is it affecting Black Businesses, but Women and Latino and Immigrant owned businesses were the most affected too. So Democrats support these riots, or “protests,” and they instituted the most severe shutdowns in States, and this in-turn actually hurt Black Lives, and other Lives they claim to care so much about? Well, that doesn’t make any sense now, does it? They cannot have it both ways. Quoting The Wall Street Journal, “[j]udging by the number of active small businesses, the COVID lockdown was the equivalent, in only weeks, of four Great Recessions.” If these rioters and protestors cause states to have to lock down again, which I’m sure will be supported, too, by the Democrats, what about all these Businesses, and the Lives dependent on them? Seems as if they don’t matter, at least not as much, to the Democrats. 

441,000 black business owners were wiped away from the data. Four hundred and forty-one thousand black business owners no longer own their businesses. Their employees are also out of jobs, too. Their families are affected as well. 

For decades, we have been fighting to close the inequality gaps by enhancing the economic opportunities to all Americans and fighting for an equal chance to achieve prosperity for everyone who pursues happiness. Now, with these lockdowns and the COVID pandemic, caused by communist China’s incompetence, we have seen the devastating damage done to Black Businesses, and many others, that will take the right Platform to build back quickly.

That doesn’t include shutting down the economy, increasing taxes and regulations, and investing in foreign countries. It would take quite literally the opposite of all of that. The Democrats’ policy ideas have nothing to do with American Prosperity and nothing to do with creating opportunities for reviving and helping to foster new Black Businesses.

Our Platform will address the issues faced by Black Businesses and the Lives affected by the horrific shutdowns they have seen, and it will for all Americans, too. We the People are all in this together… while the Democrats side with ANTIFA — a Domestic Terrorist Organization. That is quite a difference in allegiance.

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