Chief Justice John Roberts Sides With Liberals and Infanticide. Again.


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The Supreme Court made another nausea-inspiring decision on a massive case this week. Louisiana passed a bill that would leave just one infanticide center in the state. Roberts once again sided with the courts four liberal judges as the swing vote that shot this bill down. Roberts argued that “The legal doctrine of stare decisis requires us, absent special circumstances, to treat like cases alike.” The Chief Justice cited a similar Texas law that was struck down by the court in 2016. Even though Roberts admits to disagreeing with the 2016 decision, he argues that he is now bound by the court’s precedent. 

As with many of Roberts’ arguments, this one is deeply flawed. Less than two weeks before this decision, Roberts had sided with his new liberal friends on a decision to block President Trump’s executive order. An executive order that attempted to mitigate the damage being caused by Obama’s detrimental DACA program. Even though the court allowed the unconstitutional executive order that created DACA, they rejected President Trump’s attempted executive order to end the program. Surely two executive orders about the exact same thing qualify as “like cases”, so why wasn’t stare decisis utilized in Roberts’ DACA decision?

If the answer wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now. Roberts’ repeated spineless decisions make it apparent that he is not a “court balancer” or even a “moderate”. Rather he is just another member of the Trump-hating mob who is more than willing to bathe in the blood of the 345,000 babies murdered yearly by Planned Parenthood in order to make his pitiful stand against the president. 

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